New Unique Adrenaline Rush



Just go to the statue haha


Duane had it as well. OP AF but not unique


I got one. Every time you rush it charges a dollar to your google or apple account and gives you an instant win. That would be a unique rush for sure.


It’s scopely, so 10 bucks for the instant win


The better question is… Where did Clarence go? I see the Other 3 get beaten up


White Shiva had a TBD where the animation had her drag her butt across the ground… Powerful


WTF do you think you’re doing posting stuff like that where Scopely could see it. FFS dude


sshh… IronandWine is their agent. keep your voice down…

if you don’t hear from me for the next couple of days, then i’m already with the RNG. :skull:


It’s scopely so $10 for an “increased chance” at the instant win. It will be a prize box with 5 items in it. .1% instant win. 90% chance for grenade, 5% hiking boots, 4% smelling salts, .9% Burt.