New ultra map- so much is wrong

Non farmable

More stages for the same amount of non farmable gear
Nearly 30 more energy to complete than the last one
Its redundant to do 8 stages

This is hella dumb


See what asking for things gets us? Now we still don’t have a farmable map but they did get rid of the new ultimate gear map just like we all wanted and now we have alternating days of crappier maps instead.

What a joke.


Right. I almost got used the the daily non farmable. I was content getting a beanie/flak and walkie/bag each day without using cans


Seems like a way to force us to use the poorly developed and pretty redundant gear depot to me, the lack of response is hugely frustrating but becoming more and more common.

The gear lock is absolutely ridiculous when hammered with level ups.

Keep Surviving i guess :confused:


They just increased the energy for a non farmable roadmap. Before it was 6x16=96 energy to get one piece of every gear. Now it’s 6x14+2x16=116 energy
Thanks for taking the players feedback into consideration and doing the exact opposite.

I liked Scopely better when they were only about the money… now I don’t even get how this helps their business…

Edit: just read that you get an RNG box on the last stages. How can one get the request for a “farmable gear map“ so utterly wrong. Farmable means to be able to decide which gear you need. Obviously there are far more hunters in the game than citizen.


hey be careful dont want you getting banned…


But the last two stages are farmable, get a box of gear every time you complete it. Is it RNG? Sure, but at least you can get more than one piece


It is better value for energy is it not?

9 pieces of gear for 116 energy instead of 6 for 96.

Rng box is next to useless.

Hard Pass.

Are we getting the maps to alternate the entire week or we getting them Monday-Thursday? If the latter is the case we just lost half the gear for more energy. Did anyone save the in game notes? It’s gone now.


shhhhhhh, let everyone be salty.


Except on 29 boxes I got 7 goggles which I need most of and got the most. The rest was spread pretty even.

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That’s just luck. You could have got 0 from all 29 just as easily. We don’t know if they are weighted or not.

I agree, and I am not saying this is better than the old version from the good ol’ days where each stage could be farmed for a specific piece. But I put way more stock in this map than the Ultimate Map.

Yay we continue to get bent over the barrel. Don’t know why we bother to play this game or be on this forum anymore. So over the constant changes to things that weren’t broken to begin with. I’m done suggesting things here, they don’t listen and take away the good things about this game.


What’s the point? Making the game worser and worser? I’m glad to have +20 toons on stage 4 lv 1… just so ridiculous :unamused:

We clearly said we want our farmable maps back and we got something even worser… great job :clap:


You realize you got a bag and walked at the end right? So it’s 8 pieces not 6.

Fine. Then it’s 10+ pieces for this new map compared to 8 for the old new map.

How is it worse then one piece of gear 4 days a week? I have ran the last stages 74 times and have gotten a box each time.
Bag: 2
Walkie: 6
Goggles: 13
Coat: 12
Holster: 12
Shield: 5
Brief Case: 15
Scope: 10


World Energy wise it’s worse in the long run.


World energy cans don’t grow on trees. How long can you keep doing that before you need to pay for what should be made available for free as gear is a necessity and not something optional like the latest premiere recruit?

It would be like playing a 1st person shooter and every time you needed to reload you had to spend a few bucks.