New Ultimate Gear Map Changes

Nice new change to the gear map. Incase anyone has not seen it in their mailbox yet you can now pick which part (3 parts) in the gear map you want to do so now you don’t have to start from the beginning.


But still not farmable. Soooooo thanks. I guess.


True, but I think we need to let go of the farm-able gear map and just bury that whole idea it is coming back for good. This though is a great step in the right direction for managing my energy so I can get the gear I want and still be able to farm for gloves and shirts for lvl up events.

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It would help if they at least let you farm up to 6 of each item, or maybe increase the completion reward and energy corresponding.

Woohoo just got the mail, amazing news!!!


The issue persists regardless of the changes to the map. Before this map came out, people had trouble farming for school bag/walkie drops. Now, people have trouble farming non-school bag/walkie drops. It’s essentially a flip of things that were and weren’t abundant.


There was always a opportunity to farm extra school bags and walkies from a actual farmable map back then. All scopely have done was made the gear pieces a limit to one completion of the stage you finish. Sure walkies and school bags are more often found thru out the week then the other typically gear that I need 6 of vs 1 of a bag and walkie but it wasn’t ever like people was getting five stars like hot cakes back then either. Now we sorta get five stars alot more then we ever did but tagged with that a gear shortage that was unnecessary and no one asked for. Flip and flop maybe I say we simply flopped.

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I’m talking strictly about the completion rewards, not the random bag that drops.

Previously, you’d get 1 elite, ultra, or ultimate gear map once a week on the most part. (If lucky). So while you can get more than 1 walkie/school bag from possible drops, it was often left up to RNG.

Now, you’d get 1 ultimate gear map 4 or 5 days a week, with each day resetting. You can easily get more walkie/school bag via completion rewards without the RNG factor, which is the opposite of how players would get the persona related gear via repeats without the RNG factor. I’m not saying it’s a perfect 1:1 comparison, but much of the discussion around the ultimate gear map seem to have left out the fact that the once rare and desired walkie/school bag drops aren’t that rare anymore.

That’s the whole point of the discussions. Why would we want farmable if it were not to flip back to the old ratio. But this way at least you can get a good amount of food value outve the excess bags/walkies.

Was it really much desired thou? Sure I can think of people who wanted bags and walkies alot more then they would get but I dont think it was as bad of a need for it like gear is now all across the board. I just remember a bunch of times that whenever I did get the farmable gear map back I would farm the shit out of it till I was more then full and just manage what I got as far as who gets a bag and a walkie as most times I would give it to characters that I wanted to use for attack or for defense. Most often wars when we were rewarded five stars or even eventually getting that five star token pull back then would grant me a crap toon that most times never would be used in raids and wars just fodder points for level ups, territories, special SR characters, or tower teams. I know this isnt about hoping for the old gear map again but things were just way way way much simpler then.

I think people expected it to go back to where they could farm stage specific rewards, as well as having it still show up 4 or 5 times per week, so they wouldn’t have to deal with the RNG factor of walkies/bags.

If I remembered correctly, walkies/bags should sell for higher gear markers than say, a longcoat, so you could sell those walkies/bags for more persona specific gear. (I haven’t checked the ratios so I might be wrong.)

Ehh I wouldn’t know about desirability. I certainly know people’s luck varied when it came to walkie/school bag drops, with one drop taking 10+ refills, etc. I personally never re-run the old or new gear map, only doing it for the completion rewards and I haven’t noticed any substantial change in my gear supply, so I really don’t care what happens lol.

Lol well putting it that way coming from a master hoarder I don’t fault that.

I have around 100 days in this game i would farm these random gear maps and was packed with persona gear, but until this new gear map i had never seen a walkie drop for me, only from elite tokens, completion rewards and events 1 day i actually lost a level up event just for the bag that drops the walkie.

After all that i still prefer the old way, it could be phycology back then i only had to worry about the walkie that would make me jump with joy, now i have to farm for two weeks and it feels mondaying.

I was most of the time in the same boat far as my luck with drops of bags and walkies back then but after having a set team for my main event WAR I never cared and just paced myself after that with who gets what. And I still did well in level ups with just simple managing everything so I never lost out but that is just me.

Oh i didnt have resource management problems, i lost the event on porpuse for the walkie that i wanted, my point is that back then it was like winning the lottery and now is just is.

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It should go back to which ever stage u complete it has the option to drop that particular gear this would solve a lot issues because u are always going to be short on something when it take 6 of them to lvl I mean it’s not as if it’s 6* year quit making it so difficult we didn’t ask for this change we just wanted the gear map more often like that u don’t have to run through all three stages to get to the area u wanted to Farm but that being said I’m so glad I don’t have to waste so much e now to unlock the last stage gear

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yes it is very awesome. ran the whole act 1 and didn’t even notice until someone posted on line. force of habit

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It’s fine the way it is, the walkies and school bags are worth a lot of food, so that’s a good thing.

The individual stages need to be unlocked as well. If I need Alpenstocks then let me just do stage 6. If I want the Beanie & Flak Jacket then I will do all six stages. (Or all 6 of third map if I want Walkie-talkie & School Bag). With this change I would let go of the farmable desire, getting 4 of a needed item over 4 days would work. This still eats up too much energy and keeps me from going after items needed for weapons upgrade like chemistry sets.