New UI in-battle need to be changed

Basical, yea overall it maybe look more “new”, but in the end it’s not about making it look more new or cool or whatever, it’s about how good it is and how fast it work.
With the old one took me like 1 sec to see what the enemy have and with the new one the colors are so vibrant it hurts my eyes in the night, if you don’t want to change stuff (for example make the font a little bigger) then just change colors. That super dark background and those colors super vibrant and super colorful make my eyes bleed, i need to turn off the brightness.

I am just saying, make that background at least to be less dark, so it doesn’t create a big contrast for the eye, it’s a small change but when you will make hundreds of fights this weekend (Wars), you will see people will complain about this, and it’s a small change you can do, just change 1 color and you will get less complains.(of course many things could be changed but the old one was pretty much the best version the game had)

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I dont care if it looks like windows 95 if it works. Which it doesnt. :wink:

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