New Training Courses - IDEAS


This is somethink what was in my mind since a while. We
need new training courses. To make this happen the Town Hall
need a higher max level, atleast 30. This would make the space for
new usefull training courses. This are my Ideas:

Training Ground - Level 21:
Name: Advanced Small Arms Training
Requires: 60 Survivors, 190.000 Food, 5 Rain Boots
Time: 2 Days
Results: 4* Alert: Amy, Lori, Olivia, Luke “A New Beginning”, Rick “Days Gone Bye”, Rosita, Oliver

Training Ground - Level 22:
Name: Advanced Light Weapons Training
Requires: 60 Survivors, 190.000 Food, 5 Rain Boots
Time: 2 Days
Results: 4* Fast: Denise, Siddiq, Glenn “Days Gone Bye”, Beth, Tye, Clementine “A New Day”, Rabinder

Training Ground - Level 23:
Name: Advanced Heavy Weapons Training
Requires: 60 Survivors, 190.000 Food, 5 Rain Boots
Time: 2 Days
Results: 4* Strong: Rod, Joshua, Bo, Dusty, Heath “All Out War”, Luke, Tony

Training Ground - Level 24:
Name: Advanced Marksmanship Training
Requires: 60 Survivors, 190.000 Food, 5 Rain Boots
Time: 2 Days
Results: 4* Tougth: Carson, Dwight “Life and Death”, Dale “Days Gone Bye”, Jane, Hershel

Training Ground - Level 25:
Name: Special Elite Training
Requires: 30 Survivors, 150.000 Food, 1 Bloody Jacket
Time: 1 Hour
Results: Every 3* Aviable from the Training Ground

Training Ground - Level 26:
Name: Elite Trainer Training
Requires: 50 Survivors, 177.000 Food
Time: 1 Day
Results: Almost All Basic Trainers (Burt, Brady, Basil) and All Persona Trainers.

Training Ground - Level 27:
Name: Legendary Trainer Training
Requires: 75 Survivors, 205.000 Food
Time: 45 Min
Results: All Trait Trainers (Alycess, Trevor, Shirley, Francess) and Lilith, Ulysees and Benedict.

Training Ground - Level 28:
Name: Advanced Special Elite Training
Requires: 50 Survivors, 177.000 Food, 1 Bloody Jacket, 1 Vest and 1 Belly Bag
Time: 3 Hours
Results: Every 4* Aviable from the Training Ground

Training Ground - Level 29:
Name: Ultimate Bootcamp Training
Requires: 15 Survivors, 50.000 Food
Time: 5 Min
Results: Every 3* Aviable from the Training Ground

Training Ground - Level 30:
Name: Advanced Legendary Training
Requires: 125 Survivors, 250.000 Food, 2 Hiking Boots
Time: 1 Day
5* Alert: Rick “Safety Behind Bars”, The Governor “The Calm Before”, Donny, Carl “What Comes After”, Rocky, The Wanderer, Scout, Negan “A New Beginning”, Mirabelle “RTS 2”

5* Tougth: Eric, Andrea “A Larger World”, Tyreese Road to Survival, Edition #1, Jason, Maggie “All Out War”, Axel, Karlson, Darius “The Road to Surival”, Derek

5* Strong: Glenn “A Larger World”, Dwight “All Out War”, Sawyer, Larry “Telltale Special”, Marcus, Negan “All Out War”, Morgan “Days Gone Bye”

5* Fast: Tyreese “Miles Behind Us”, Annie, Oberson “Telltale Special”, Gator, Joshua - “Hardened Survivor”, Dr. Stevens “RTS 1”, Ellen, Angela “Made to Suffer”

Training Ground - Level 31:
Name: #AllenTraining
Requires: 1 Survior, 100 Food
Time: 10 Seconds
Results: 4* Allen (Joke)

I hope this topic gets read alot, so Scopley can’t ignore it.




They sell those trainers or give it as a prize in events, do you think they will give them away?

Yeah, Sadly that’s Right. I can’t change it anymore I guess it’s to old :expressionless:.

OH it will be ignored.

Agree on need for more training grounds.

Ha was ignored. Didn’t look at date

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Bump worthy suggestion imo.

Training grounds deffo need an update. Legendary training is a joke.

Yes they need an update, but this guys actual ideas are ludicrous…

Tell me better Ideas. I don’t want destroy any kind of critism, but
it’s really poor to call someones Ideas ridicoulus, without a reason
or explanation

Your idea makes it too easy to gain the toons.

On the 5* guaranteed training it should take day 7days to train one. Same with legendary trainers. Should also cost more food.

Good idea in principle, you just made it way to easy to train them.

7 Days would be way too much for a 5* in the Time of 6*. I already
changed the trainers, but Yeah maybe it’s still not enougth

That’s a fair comment.

Think Millers got it right though. You’re suggesting training courses with can generate really vital characters (6★ trainers and gauranteed 5★ characters) for very low values of survivors and food and little gear. Personally, I’d suspect any gauranteed 5★ training would need to be weeks, maybe even a month (not that anyone in their right mind would tie up a training camp for so long with all these level ups), food would need to be in the millions and probably need a lot and/or high value gear.

I agree that, like so so so many facets of this game, the training grounds just don’t match the current meta and improvement is needed. However your suggestions would just lead to an insane power creep towards those who were able to get to the high levels first.

Currently the only thing holding me back from more 6★ is 5★ fodder. Your level 30 training ground would allow me to generate enough 5★ for me to ascend a 6★ every week (provided I had the medals and base characters, obvs)

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I understand, maybe one day would be too short, but nobody would use it for 1 week. Maybe somethink like 3 days would fit.

The problem would be that no one would use it, because it’s way easier to ascend 4*.

Not when you’ve run out of maxed 4★ to ascend. Apart from the one or two you’re keeping for sentimental reasons

About That…

Some aspects including the training camps have been left far behind with 6* coming out. Makes a lot of the areas pointless to some degree

Damn. You need to get ascending!

I collecting my characters now and waiting for them to finally Update the list.