New toons: long-term strategy

Ciao Guys,

as many f2p players and mid-spenders I have limited resources and I cannot get every new toon I would like to have but I need to wait and patiently collect cards. I need to wisely plan my strategy and concentrate my efforts to get the toons I will probably use in 2/3/4 months and discard the toons that will be probably useless in the future. Every time a new toon is released I need to ask myself “will I need him in the next 4 months?”.

I’ve done a list of S-class (non f2p) toons in 2020

The cards for the toons in this group are already available in Road Maps and more common on events and rewards. Most players already have them or are close to get most of them.

Jan 03: MERCER
Jan 22: FROST
Jan 30: LOUIS
Feb 17: DAVIE
Mar 05: SHIVA
Mar 19: ROSITA
Mar 26: EUGENE
Apr 9: MATEO
Apr 16: JACKI
Apr 30: AJ

The cards for those toons are available on events or “recruit and rewards” wheel only.

May 07: ALPHA
May 21: STORM
Jun 12: IMANI
Jun 18: NEGAN
Jun 26: SHANE
July 02: TANYA
July 07: AXEL
July 23: NOOR
July 31: MARCUS
Aug 06: BETA
Aug 13: MR.LIU
Aug ??: JAVIER

On the first group (older s-class) which toon do you think that will still be useful in the next months?

On the second group (last 4 months) which toons do you think that will have a “long-term future”?
Suppose that you need to choose 4 of them both for your future attack or defense team which will you pick out?

NOTE: as you know English is not my language and I’m trying to do my best :slight_smile: hope you can understand me


For f2p group 1 green rick as scopley wont ever change command as far as i can see also minerva as they will bring a counter to infection at some point but thats the biggest seller and she infects 2 for 175 group 2 ask me again in 8 months when they are part of everyday teams not whale teams

Hi there Mate - I think I undersatnd what you are after

Group 1
Mercer,Clementine,Jacki - all have lead skills, so they are worth pursing and will get use in the long term.
Frost - A healing revive - always has its place.
Rick Grimes - The only S Class Command toon
Rosita - The ability to equip her with a fast healing weapon, she has good surivablity modded right.
Mateo - The poor mans The Trader, but he gets the job done.

Group 2
The Trader - its the Trader nuff said.
Carrie Ann - Lead skill
Axel - Universal Stun counter - nice
Noor - She is the Doc Stevens replacement, who packs a lot more … punch
Beta - But only for those who dont have or have missed out somehow on Princess
Mr Liu - This is a must have toon if you are into onslaught, huge turn 1 bleed

If I had to pick 4 from your 2 lists that I dont have right now it would be:

1 The Trader
2 Frost
3 Noor
4 Mr Liu

I hope I have answered your question? Nice topic btw. Cheers

Nice topic

Group 1:
Mercer, Clem and Jacki for the leader skill
AJ to use him as normalize in a melee team
Rick for the command
Mateo for onslaught (depends on the team u use for onslaught Frost too but he can easily been replaced)

All the others may have a use but I don’t think they are relevant even now

Group 2:
Marcus (leader skill)
Mr Liu (for onslaught too)

I hope it helped you :blush:

Group 1:

  • Mercer
  • Frost
  • Shiva
  • Rosita
  • Rick
  • Mateo
  • Jacki

The others are crap (Eugene, Louis, Tiffany, Minerva) or useless to play against current meta or you can replace them with f2p options (Ivanova over Clementine, Christa over Gentleman).

Group 2:

  • Alpha (best strong damage dealer)
  • Trader (game breaker)
  • Imani (solid support to use behind Jacki)
  • Shane (his specialist skill make any defense ultra tanky)
  • Tanya (annoying healer, and provide a hard time to enemies with outlast)
  • Axel (his lead skill destroyed any Mercer defense strategy)
  • Michonne (great to use against Jacki)
  • Marcus (his lead skill is a huge direct counter against Jacki defenses. Strong/tough vs fast/alert).

Those are the most useful right now.
Options like Storm, Noor, Beta and Negan are stuff to feed spenders hunger and can be replaced with other toons (Aarav over Storm/Noor, Princess/Mercer over Beta/Negan).

for group 2 I would say

The Trader: even if “something” against infection will come in the next weeks/months he is so tanky with “resilient” that will be an issue for a long time
Axel: one of the most complete toons in the game with unique offensive abilities both in AR, AS and leader skill
Pure Damage Dealers :thinking: many options but I don’t see a toon that can do the job better and faster than the old good Pryia at the moment.
Noor and Mr.Liu seem to have a future but I still need to understand them completely to have a definitive opinion about them.

In the group 1 I see a lot of missed opportunities: Louis could have been a great toon with a turn 1 active skill, Davie could have been a beast with more attack.
Rick and Frost will survive till the day they will have a replacement (a new S-class command and a human shield).
I could save Jacki (as long as people will use stun resist mods everywhere)… need to think about other toons :slight_smile:.

You are very optimistic.

(Also, your date for Mercer is off, he was released for Christmas last year)

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(yes you are right, Mercer was released 2 weeks earlier. my mistake)

Mercer, Frost, Rick are quite common now or at least are on the way for most players. Maybe I was a little optimistic, I agree with you, but this strength the sense of the topic.
Mercer was released 8 months ago: which of the newest toons will still be usable in 8 months?

Two, maybe three of them for some players. Almost no free or mid level spender will have all of them, or even all of them significantly underway.

There’s also a large contingent of players that have maybe Pete, Priya and Princess, if even that. Lower three quarters of the CRW bracket, you don’t see that many Mercers and almost no Frost (except maybe 6* versions).

Topic: Alpha is the only S disarm and has a similar kit to Harper, who had a long life (and is still pretty good). Should do similarly, I’d expect.

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Sorry to say. But everyone start posting a full ‘‘Essay’’ in replay although he was only asking simple 4 toons which will be useable in next 4 month.

My picks rn



Group 1:
Mercer’s time has passed. Of the toons mentioned only Rick and maybe Jacki I would recommend for an attack team and attack is what you want to focus on first.

Group 2
-The Trader
-Mr. Liu
I don’t feel that I need to talk about Trader right :stuck_out_tongue: ? Not a lot has been said about Axel but he will change the game drastically. Lead skill - phenomenal, AS - phenomenal, AR - phenomenal.
As for Beta - he will become the new T1 toon with a 20/20 weapon.
IF You pull a straight Sclass Mr Liu from the wheel, and can therefore get 3 of him he will make the best team in the game. 4500 bleed from Turn1 to all of the opposition, on a toon that is almost impossible to take down (3 times). Crazy!

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If it helps Jackie 6* is perfectly useable and command Rick also


Yeah Jacki is the only Sclass I’m aware of that only gets stats for upgrading to Sclass. 30 ring Jacki and T1 lvl1 Sclass Jacki are pretty much identical in stats and completely identical in AR, AS, weapon and lead.

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I think his point is more like out of the first generation, which characters you will carry forward to second and from the second generation which ones we think it will be carry over in the future. If the second generation most overpowered and neutralize the previous generation, obviously the second generation will be overpowered and neutralize by the future characters.
So its important to choose wisely, like at first generation we collect all the cards and crates of characters that we don’t really needed or use at all, so yeah for this next generation there is great characters in there but by the time you can get them maybe the 3rd generation will start and obviously they will be way more powerful and diverse characters skills.
For now my strategy is getting Sclass Alfa,Trader, Axel,Liu, of course it will take forever but that’s my strategy, Alfa is more available now so he is my priority.

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many Marcus supporters… this is a surprise

I’ve added Javier to my wish list :pensive:

I think he will be a long-lasting defensive leader, combined to some anti-infection toon

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