New toon season 7

Just like Sergio, another F2P useless toon… ty scope


you compare a rng toon with a down ar toon



Anything special foreseen ?

Who? Which toon?

Season 7 league

I’d hardly call her useless. Though for the time and cost it would take to max her, she is a bit underwhelming. Though I think Camila makes up for that.

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Camilla is great. Stephanie is very meh.

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Absolutely true :joy:

Stephanie is crap. No one will use her. I don’t get why people are wasting their time trying to give a reasonable argument about how she is useable or not that bad. She isn’t the worst but she brings nothing new.


Who was giving an argument saying how she was useable?

She offers nothing that a whole host of other toons don’t already do better.

Got Camilla, Got Rick, Got Jesus, Got Sophia. Monica isn’t in a collection so what’s the point?

Never thought I’d miss those shitty trainer bags… Guess I’m saving for Season 8


Same here…

Bought Monica because I didn’t have her. Have 190k season tokens. I guess I’ll keep piling them. :man_shrugging:

Who is first to say camilla is useless

So you have…nice…lets not worry bout you then.

That doesn’t answer my question and maybe read the rest of what I said. I said she was hardly useless, I didn’t give any examples of how she wasn’t useless so he wouldn’t have been talking about me, and the only other person said you can’t compare an RNG character to her.

I’d like to see Monica be a legacy

Jackson is almost the same and he was a legacy.

You replied to my question, you haven’t answered my question. If you wanted an answer to your question, you should have replied to my comment before the one you replied to.