New toon I drew!

Feel free to give this guy a name, hope you like it, please give constructive critism, I know it is not perfect! (I drew this in a bumpy car)


My name is Jeff


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Pretty cool. I like his vest, gloves and beard. Is he holding a spray paint can? He seems alright for a 5s, but is he ascendable?

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Not a spray can. Looks like a flashbang.

Is that a pan on his head?

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Name: Ash Ketchem

Backstory: Before the apocalypse, Ash was just your average kid who enjoyed doing what he liked best, and what he enjoyed doing was striving to become the worlds best Pokemon trainer, alongside his best friends Brock, Misty, and his most beloved Pokemon Pikachu. During a Pokemon tournament, the people at the arena started getting sick, and Ash being a good kid tried seeing if they were alright. He noticed that everything was not okay, so he sent Pikachu to fend off the fierce attackers, and he referred to them as Pokewalkers. Unfortunately Pikachu ran out of energy and was slowly turned into Pokestew, but fortunately for Ash, he was able to escape and could not bare the fact that he lost his best friend

Post apocalypse: Now he belongs to a group of highly trained Poke trainers, who are skilled in archery, melee, and range. Ash over the years wanted to become a skilled ranged survivor, so he chose to do that, and all Pokemon are dead at this point because people suspected that they were the cause of the deadly virus. All Pokemon had to be put down due to the presidents orders. Anyone caught with Pokemon would be executed on point, and no exceptions.

Ar Skill:
Everything is good except the -15. In Scopley’s world you’d want him to have at least -50% of both atk or def to balance it out

Appearance: Usual Ash Ketchem look

Trait: Red or Blue ranged

Leaderskill: All teamates get 40% buff to all stats

Will Ash make it to Scopley Headquarters to hopefully find a cure, or will he fail and become a Pokewalker himself? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z…


Best read all day.

Thank you!!!

Ever thought of being a story writer?? Dwight fight 2 could use one :joy::joy:

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Leader Skill:
All teammate die by cancer.

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Me? :laughing:


What ever hapened to brock and misty???

Like morgan turns up 5 seasons later and is zen??

What happened to them is a mystery. I will type it out soon. :slight_smile:

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Just know, they were there with Ash at that time. Just was writing backstory for his character first. Lol

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Brock is in need of a decent love story that lasts more than 3 frames please… Misty… well… Ash needs her. kill her off early :joy::joy::joy:


Now just draw a 6* version and send it to Scopely HQ.

I hear there’s a severe toon shortage over there.

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