New to this forum

Hi people. I’m a 100% f2p , 0$ invested and I have an ok team with s10++ .I always read this forums and thought to join in here to help as much as possible and reply hehe. This community is fun tbh. :slight_smile:



Thnx Clifton… I like ur comments

Welcome onboard
Hope you will enjoy it

Aww shucks thanks :slightly_smiling_face: . Hope you enjoy joining in. Just beware of any 1-2 day old troll accounts, they are very regular occurances.

Thnx @Tsarraz … I follow ur comments too … nice and helpful… are u in PC as well ??

Nope i am comfortable in the forum alone.

Haha gr8 … it’s actually true for many peeps

*Hands F2P pass*

Hi parker … good to have ur reply as well… I follow ur comments too :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Manjetra.

@Manjetra - Welcome to the forum!


Я известен как мистер 15 секунд

Welcome bud, have a nice one :slight_smile:
F2p high fives

What your wife calls you is irrelevant :wink:


Welcome, M! I don’t wanna say “mate” or “dudette” as I currently don’t hold that info, so I’ll stick with “M”. :sweat_smile:

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Ты бы так быстро отвечал на вопросы игроков…

Welcome to the thunder dome!

Thnx bro

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Thx @GR.Scopely … I appreciate ur comment tbh