New threat 6* dwight weapon can't modify? Wth


Why is it that every other character with preset weapon you can modify, like 6* barker, yumiko, shiva, wyatt, rosita, but dwights doesn’t appear in inventory? Other new threat characters can hold any weapon but dwight is stuck? If that’s so it’s a waste of medals n gear and is BS. Can someone explain to me why this is besides the bs replies I get from support, and do those ppl even know what twdrts is?


Is intended, can’t modify, but can give him a different weapon.


You can’t change 6* dwights weapon, it’s preset crossbow


Dwight is the only character in the game whos weapon behaves like this. I strongly suspect that it was a simple error when he was created. The employee who coded him did not know what they were doing.
Treat his default weapon like any other one star weapon that comes with all of the basic characters. While it is a weapon you cannot modify it and you will never see it in your inventory and you cannot sell it.
Additionally you can equip any weapon you like with him. While several other players have bound weapons like red rosita and Shiva paw he is the unique case that has a default weapon that is different than a one star weapon.


I’m talking about 6 star “a new threat” dwight comes with weapon just like yumiko setup, except you modify yumikos, but dwights does not appear in inventory


I know what you’re talking about and I’m giving you the answer


So you’re saying you can equip him with any weapon in lineup?


You can put any tough weapon on him aside from blind ones obviously


Ok cool, sorry for the misunderstanding vines, and thank you both for answering, appreciate it


I misunderstood yall, apologies, I appreciate yall answering it for me


I ascended him, instantly threw him in 100k, and then went to armory to upgrade weapon n was like :confused: msgd support and we’ll u know the replies they give, told me u can’t modify it


There is so many threads on this dwight weapon with people who actually has comprehension skills and loads of amazing responses from real players and amazing people like @CombatDevIl and @CombatMan…am trying to figure out why your first response was to go to scopley support…


If you have double attack weapon equip him with that.


It was not an error - other toon specific weapons that cannot be swapped out have a disclaimer on them. Dwight’s weapon does not. See screenshots.