New Themes for Faction Assault

New Themes for Faction Assault:
Obvios ones:
Woodbury featuring Governator as the Boss (pretty obvious)
The Whisperers with Alpha, beta, etc…
And do not stop at the enemies, how about other themes like:
Kingdom = With Shiva, Ezekiel etc…
The “Good Guy’s” with Rick, Shane, Lori, Carl with skins from the start of the HQ.
Hilltop - Maggie, Dante, etc…
New Frontier = 2 versions Both the good guy’s and the villain’s from it.
Telltale season 1 = Lee, Little Clem, Kenny, etc…
Abraham Crew, with Rosita and eugene.

Star wars got more themes from the same kind of tournament, here the possibilities are also endless.
All with diferent kind of prizes


That is a really good idea

Here’s a new theme… get rid of the faction scoreboard!


I’ve gotcha covered. I have a whole set of new faction assault ideas that I’m waiting to post.

Edit: here’s the link to the first installment: New Faction Assaults PART ONE

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It worked last time whats your thoughts on this wonderful idea!

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These all sound awesome! I know they’re cooking up some for the future.

I will add to my doc! Thank you everyone!


Dudes stop it. They need to fix this crappy reward structure before trying to make it “cooler” for you smh


Mellow out