New territory glitch since 24hr territory event

Defending team still had full life when it was kicked out of territories and another faction captured it. Anyone experience this glitch?

We were holding shipwreck and within minutes, it was kicked out and another faction captured it. When their time was up and several of us started attacking it and noticed our defending teams earlier did not lose any life. It was in FULL health.

Seems like territory is having more and more glitches. Here is just a list besides the full health one.

  • All teams get kicked out to walkers before contest
    -Constant game restarting during attacks, after attacks, before choosing a team, after adding a team or anything territory related. Energy used but attacks or team did not count.
    -Say that all teams are engaged when NONE are engaged (you can tell by the history of attacks)
    -Team gets sent to walkers suddenly without anyone removing their teams.
    -Adding a team but gets a message that says “team removed”, energy used but team did not get added.
    -Contested against the group that were just kicked out of the territory instead of between the attackers.
    Any other glitches that I have missed?

My faction has yet to take one but I keep getting a pop up saying we lost shipwreck and will no longer receive the perk. Usually the game crashes right after.

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