New territory bug


So, I just took over northen train depot and assigned a team to the territory. I go away, do some level up, but come back to notice that it’s overrun with walkers.
Okay, I think, I could have sworn that I’d placed a team there, but I can be absent minded at the best of times so I figure I just forgot.

I go back, clear out all of the walkers, making sure that this time I properly assign a team. I exit the last battle only to see the territory reset again with full walkers. What the hell is going on?
I’m annoyed as not only did I lose energy, I also lost XP and hence trainers because of this.




It seems to be a problem with data not syncing correctly. I wasn’t getting any notifications or messages on that day either.


It’s not new unfortunately, it’s been around forever. I have it happen quite often.


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