New Territories

I think the territories need a huge overhaul. Half of them are actually very useless. What about making ones for decreasing armory research and/or crafting times? I’m sure there are a lot of other ones people can think of too. Feel free to add your own suggestions

And why aren’t there more events with the limited time ones? This seems to be a wasted event that can actually be somewhat fun. What hurt would it cause to put these up twice a month?


I agree with you. The whole game needs an update.

I’ll take it to the team again

They likely won’t to army speedup because coins can be used to speedup the finish and they monetize every aspect of the game now.
So of the tts like 5% attack boost is silly or having def to a certain area on the map if u have them all. The only ones most go for besides league points is xp, world regen, survivors, herschels, and crits.
Would be nice to have more territory events to break up the boring stale schedule.
Would of loved to seen an event where owning a whole area gave gear or mods. Having flash tts show up randomly and whoever gets it gets lilths. They are random throughout the day all over. If they gave good stuff people would use cans and facs would need to be the quickest and work together not just stack war teams.

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