New team grade s9/s10?


How to calculate the new team grade? How can I be s10?


How skill point toons with dumb luck on gold mods

Anything over S8++?

You aren’t, they’ve only raised your own team grade while everybody else sees it as it was before the update. Just ask around on Global and they’ll tell you what your actual grade is, not S10 for sure. I was S2++ before the update, and all of a sudden I was S6.


I’m stuck at I think s8+ my other region s8


The team grades were modified in the latest update.

To find your team grade, take the sum of attack, hp, and defense, which now include leader, weapon, and mods, and add 'em up.

At some point I’ll calculate out a theoretical max, but it’s much more difficult now with many more variables than it used to have. I mean, used to be really easy, add together the stats of the top combined-stats toon and multiply by 5. Now we have to consider best lead skill, perfect weapons, and perfect mods on top of all that.


Thank you!!!


Woah, gonna have to do quite a bit of calculation on that one.


It’s really just another min-max calculation, they’re quite common :slight_smile:


Been playing around and I’m curious how weapons and leader skill affect things.

Given its stats based, I would assume a weapon with multiple stats that affect HP, Attack and defence would be better than, say, a 410 + Huge + 35% stun gun (because the latter only improves one of the base stats). However, it appeared I could push a team up a grade with stronger power weapons rather than weapons which just pushed up stats.

Similar applies to leader skill


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