New Tarapedia Custom Cards!


So, i started this thing where rather than Roster pics I make characters. They look pretty cool so far ! Jade who’s a custom character I made a while back now has a roster pic and a card. Chris is a member of a popular LINE chat who prominently talks and his pink shirt made him a meme (tbh idk how if you know the origin story let me know lmao) but he’s really funny and witty so I decided why not just make him one too! Chris’ card is obviously better than Jade because every one I make I try to make better than that before. Idk if I can top chris’ honestly. ! Lashay is a good friend of mine who is comedic and a pleasure to know! Love her! Goddess is a leader here, one of the first people I met within the community. She’s really nice and caring and I love her so much :heart:


Thanks for sharing Tarapedia! :heart:


How do you make these custom characters?


I like Jade she reminds me the girl from Jacky Chan