New tactic for wars - how to cope with matchups

I have single handily devoloped a new technique for wars given current situation. It is simple and the only way to get points using the current match making system.

When war starts:

  • attempt to get a tower
  • arrack and flee instantly

Repeate the second step you til you run out of energy. Why? Because your going to get beaten and have no actual hope of scoring. This way you get 400 points before your base is destroyed.

Repeate 120 times to make your milestone. Pretty sad but a true technique when a faction is only facing teams it can not beat nor even harm.

Added picture.

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I have found war matchups to be the best in a long time.

A few against the top 10, a few against very weak ones and the majority that could go either way.

Why not atleast try to win the last battle. Could double your score and drop that to 60 times.


Are you kidding me? Matchmaking is broken as all hell. Once again feeding the top 20 teams easy matches.

This game makes me laugh.

We are a top 15 team, most of our matches come fom 35 - 9 ranked teams. I would say that is fair when there is 167 factions warring.

However YMMV.

Past 20 matchup have been completely un winnable. No chance of winning even if you try no one can beat any of the teams. Only difference is when you try to win you get less points due to dieting before you expend all your gas. Then you repair and waste even more time.

The top 40 would most likely be the top 5 teams from all 8 regions so unless you’re facing fewer regions you as a 15th ranked faction are getting fed to the top 5 every match.

The exact definition of feeding.

They made a point to say no war on mothers day then they changed that without a word and they have the nerve to sell a crappy $30 bundle and call it mothers day. How about stop trying to milk every last dime from every player and I don’t know maybe show some generosity by giving back to the community for a change.


Yes, I see your point about the top 40 being the top 5 from the 8 regions. However, we have beaten any faction above 7 on the current leader board (not always of course). I meant we are not being feed to the top leader board like previous wars.

We are ranked 4-5 in my region. So either the regions we are facing are overall weaker than us or the matchups are even with us just being stronger. We have not had very many cakewalk matches.

We are #1 in our CRW, we have only faced top 15 aside from the maybe totally random one like rank 45. Overall that makes sense to me. I cant say matchmaking is broken but I am sure it has been brutal for some, it is Scopley afterall.

All I ask is for a fair fight. I really don’t mind losing as long as our guys can score some points and work towards the milestones but we can’t get out of the cellar over here. We’re ranked 9th in our region. We just fought the number 2 faction in this crw. Not a number two faction. The number two faction. There are over 240 teams in our crw and we get matched to number two? It’s been like this all crw and like this for the last 2 or 3 of them as well.

It is killing the motivation. People do not want to waste there weekend like this. They need to fix this. I would rather wait an hour in a queue then get an unwinnable match especially because of how long it’s taking to get 8 people to queue up just to get blasted in 5 minutes.


A simple handy cap would address this and likely get smaller factions with lower levels involved.

If your facing a gross miss match the lesser team gets an automatic buff depending on how bad. The better faction still keeps their good characters but no longer just wipes out the other…

If winning faction yield 30k points and loosing elides less then 5k if they are all active you can tell it’s pretty one sided.

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This one is not to terrible matchup. 3 of the faction where able to do damage to one target. I’ll just keep posting images. All faction ember are active and trying to score in every war.

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I don’t care what you’re seeing. I am so tired of people coming on here who don’t have a problem yet feel the need to spout unhelpful words. If it doesn’t affect you then be grateful and maybe learn to show some empathy for the ones who are getting screwed over by the system.

As far as “get good” this is one of my attack teams I use against Carl. Why use Rosita? Because she heals and cures stun. All reds have stun, Siddiq has impair and Dwight has double attack and no I do not use double attack on defense. For a player who only bought the monthly pass up to now, that’s not too shabby. I could be in the “top” faction but I have chosen to not abandon my friends for slightly better rewards.

All I want is to see some balance put back into the game but as we all know that’s never going to happen. They care about one thing and one thing only. $$$

I will be strictly f2p from this month forward. Not one cent more. Why do I and most people like me continue to play? Two reasons. Stupidity and our Friends.


Are you willing sit searching for 15 minutes waiting for an ideal match while others sit for 5 minutes.

Speeding up searches always unbalance matches as it because first in first out. Alternatively theyd have stage it in waves to do better match making which would just piss more players off.

There is never a ‘fair’ way to match make.

Absolutely. I already said it. I would rather sit for an hour if that’s what it takes to get a good match. I don’t care about rankings all I want is a fair fight. I want a match to go down to the wire. I do not want to face an uber faction that destroys us in 10 minutes. I would also hope the converse is true. As a top faction are you actually satisfied getting easy wins? Is that all that matters. I would think you would want a challenge too.

All that unfair matchmaking accomplishes is in getting people to walk away. Why waste your afternoon being frustrated? There are a million other things we all can be doing. The top teams will always have a match. They don’t stop. Give the mid’s a freaking break over here and stop feeding them to the top.

4 wars 107K points. Think I’m done for the weekend :joy:

Seems like you have a nice squad… I wonder what kind of faction you are in that you can’t compete with top teams.

I mean if your 6th in region, not scratch top 3, there’s a different issue at hand than match making.

You say that but then when time delays happen. No one ends up being around and there goes the ‘even match’. You just are frustrated at all the bodies.

Honestly tour getting destroyed so quickly because they are better coordinated. Over half 75% my faction is F2P, and we roll through factions in 10 minutes. We spend more time practicing and developing teams to beat different combinations in a timely manor.

Thanks, so far this war only lost one match myself and that was to the number 2 faction against this team. I beat the other 7 with all five still standing except for the other gen which I won with 4 still standing.

Spend much? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We are mid-tier. We fluctuate between 8-12 in our region. I lost five of my top players over the last couple of months. Most to retirement but a couple moved up. Right now it’s really just apathy that’s holding us back. I can never seem to get more than 10 people who really want to try. Most do the bare minimum and I only kick if people are not contributing at all to the faction. I really don’t want to succeed by being an asshole. I understand that this is a hobby and people have way more important things going on in their lives. All I know is it’s harder to find people who care now than six months ago.

So how is this a match making issue?

Team strength probably just fine but you have engagement problems. Do you want to just fight others holding on to 6 bodies each fight?

Sorry but I’m truly perplexed by the wanting a fair fight but you are handicapped by your own players lack of trying. Seems to me there is no fair fight to be had.