New Survival Road Event On New Serves Is A Joke

Congratulations for all of you scopes, about the new road to survival event, just tell me why put it on new serves? nobody can pass by the stage 4, and it from all my serve: “We all love you, thanks for broken even funny changes in events.”, My expectations about all of you was low, but holy sh*t, you really keep disappointing me… I’m justo too sad and done about everything right now… @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely anything to help us from new community serves?


Wow that sucks, what a terrible idea this was.


Dude, it is literally a joke, all my serve, we’re like 2 weeks in the game, nobody can even pass by the fourth stage…

Running stage 4 over and over going to be exciting

Sorry bud Scopes doesn’t play it’s game, they no comprendy


You’re like totally right, it’s so frustrating, i don’t expect nothing more from them…

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Am I the only one confused by this thread?

Edit: OK, now I see you’re new to the game.


Haha, I talk for all my guys, who “live” in new serves that i’ve been visiting

This is exactly what everyone had to deal with back in the day, training 2 stars for SR then use them and train more!

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You’re right, i just came from some new serves and it’s ridiculous to see that guys can’t even pass from the fifth stage of SR

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Isn’t the word server? Or am I on crack?

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Maybe english isnt his first language. Maybe the google translator gave him that as a translation.

Auto croc

Not just new servers. Also players with little minis trying to level up get comics and/or complete 30 SR levels for missions.

There has been a lot going on in the game recently which doesn’t demonstrate any thought towards never/lower level players, who I’d have thought you’d need to replace the retirements. But what do I know? I just play the game.

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They all have to start some where. Just as we all did.

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i feel you Vinnie. Same in our region, under 14 days old only. not even our strongest players managed to get past bronze 5.

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You’d think they’d be able to scale difficulty on newer regions. Go figure. :thinking:

I can’t past silver.

I can’t get past stage 6 silver. All my 6* Were drained of their life.

This takes effort. Therefore, it won’t happen.

They already did it, on the 2 last packs of regions, giving us especial events and intern wars. I don’t understand why turn it back…