New Survival Club Features?

Nothing huge but a step in the right direction


Awesome definitely is gonna make my sc membership a lot more worth it


It looks like SC members get lvl up, raid, and SR tourney rewards for their $25/month :joy:

Does this mean we’ll start seeing rewards that are actually worth competing for soon? :thinking:

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Still not worth the price tag. But, like they say, theres a sucker born every minute.


They should really release a toon every few months. But a step in the right direction, nevertheless

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It is all about money, money, money :money_mouth_face:

Indeed. And in other shock developments, the sky was confirmed to be blue and the grass discovered to be green


Deffo step in right direction… Things I’d add to make it better is.

  1. Letting the free pull stack til at least 5 any more is silly to ask for
  2. Comic books to drop easier (more of them I mean) 6 a go is greed.
  3. If :point_up_2: number 2 gets done it means a new exclusive 6 star can be released every 3 months which most want.
  4. A road map just for the club every now and then or on some road maps survival club members use 0 energy on them (1 of the Sunday ones)

All of which are reasonable and would make it appeal to player base.

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Why? It doesn’t make any difference. I like the daily pull.

Just looked outside and the sky is black and my grass is brown :man_shrugging:

Really? But seriously really?? Each player is different I don’t get your logic but OK. And you wouldnt have to let it stack if u didn’t want to, u could still daily pull to just saying it would be better if you could stack them, Reading of the forums it’s something alot of players were vocal about.

Why would it be better if you could stack them? It doesn’t change your odds or the possible outcomes. Ever do a 40 Pull and get all 4 stars? There is no logic or math to say it’s better to let pulls stack

One reason is not every one does big pulls this gives the feeling of it 2nd is for every 10 pulls u get a bonus so if you plan to do a few single pulls with coins on a toon this would help. And while getting a four toon every day is great in all I’d much rather get a bunch in on go fell like I stand a better chance with rng that way even low I know I don’t.

this update should make club members happy, well done scopes!

Earlier I made an topic about improvements to the survival club, and Scopely replied (JB) that they will look into it.

In my previous topic we spoke about how to make survival club even better, give us some gear, trainers etc. we like Andrea Shield yes, but we need more for our money.

I did t really though my suggestions would be taking in but they did! Well done :slight_smile:

Now we need more Exclusive toon from Survival Club :slight_smile: but I’m sure it will come!

Thanks Scopely :slight_smile:


I mean, it’s a step in the right direction. But the lack of comic’s is still extremely disappointing considering what other games give you for a monthly fee. At minimum of 6 comics per week, and it takes 114 comics to max Andrea, you’re looking at 19 weeks. I really wonder who comes up with these ideas at scopely and who approves of these because you are a true a$$hat.

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Offers are the new rewards…
Where everyone gets to win*



Click in-game for details

“New Event”

What a crock of sh*t

As a sustaining sucker I support this message.

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