New Survey Suggestions


I just took the in game survey. I feel it is out of touch with the actual player base. I think there should be more pointed questions instead of the standard “what don’t you like about the game?” Maybe have a panel of actual players submit questions that are relevant to the game?

Because 90% of the people playing this wouldn’t ask this question.



I hate to be the one to say it but I think they only have the work experience kid look at the responses.

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game is definitely not intuitive, I still remember not really figuring out how to play it when it launched in 2015 and setting myself back by taking a break for 6 months. But that is really the least of their problems.



Yeah in the beginning I was definitely confused. That is what actually stemmed the creation of the library. I wanted a place to store my information and ask questions. Where I could get help from other players who had experience. :blush: