New survey out in game


Make sure you complete it. Says it’s about hordes event but had tons of other questions.


I gave them a perfect score :grin:!


nah, they won’t listen anyways.


i like to do the surveys to tell them good job and that the game is fun for me to play and say to them new things to put in to do more fun


I hate when you try to get it to pop up all night, then it pops up in the morning when you don’t have the time


I never get these surveys that people say appear in game.


I put what I really feel about the game.
One question that always irks me is the “how do you feel about your purchases”, I’m always like casinos have better odds and that it was like a kick in the family jewels why they invalidated all I had spent at the start, it’s like how do you think one would feel about purchases after that.
Anyhow going on 3yrs no $$ for them and spreading the word for buyer beware.


I forgot to mention in the survey… Survivor’s club has very little value for the price. :stuck_out_tongue:

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


It was probably one of their better surveys they’ve given. Un-Like the surveys that would stop asking questions if you choose dislike, in the past

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Welp, here we go!

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I agree that this survey was a bit better than previous ones. It did allow me to elaborate on my dislikes.


That’s why you just save the web page on your mobile browser and fill it out whenever.
I still have surveys saved from 2+ years ago that still work. I like to randomly fill them out when they disgust me and send it in :rofl::rofl: dunno if they read them but it makes me feel better lol


And pops up right when war is about to start.

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