New surprise crate


I find the new suprise crates a rip of 4 pulls and not a single ascendable toon i swear scopeley just hates me hows everyone gone on this crate


I still collecting coins. When I don’t get a Ascendable (Already have Carl and Shiva) I would also be happy
if I get the 4* Hershel for the collection.


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Well we kinda was expecting a shiva Carl to be sold considering how many ppl still need and want one scopley knew themselves they would get some money honestly doe don’t spend on them save money for premier toons that may serve use to you shiva and Carl well come eventually whether it be a elite token or 5* wheel and once you pull one you get em more often
Surprise box = the new set creates


Welcome to scopely!


Lame how bout we get rid of this guy also before someone gets burned pls scopeley