New suggestion for battles


I think there should be a way to watch raid battles and war battles that are against your team,
For example, I just had this dude try to raid my team 8 times and fail every time. I want to see what he was doing during them cause he never got close( I don’t even have a decent defense team)


It was me. I was trying to 3 man you.


More ways to show people attacking you and you attacking others would always be a good thing to implement. Like a built in replay system which has multiple functionality and can offer advice and help improve your raiding. Personally speaking, i would also like the choice of raiding bots or players between raid events. I am in the top 3 ranked on my region and for me sadly it is a guaranteed 25 rep loss and it would make it impossible to climb unless i pick my raids very carefully with bots, but even then a lot of them for me are losses now as they are super strong also. So having an option added alongside the replay feature to choose between bots or players would be great.


My battle suggestion is to remove the auto button and put some strategy back into the game instead of op toon after op toon.


What region an I in and what language was he speaking( just to prove it was really you)


Obviously Coosa.


Some people flee automatically to lower their rep and keep pressing rematch


Coosa my Old region and the dude sent me angry messages in Hungarian, just wanted to see if he speaking truthfully


Can confirm, we move from Decatur to Coosa and swine is Hungarian. Some of our players broke off to form turtles in the sand (TITS) after arrival.


Didn’t happen in coosa


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