New subsciption thing

Dear Scopely,

I quiet liked this subscription idea and potentially seemed like a good way to get quiet a lot for what I thought was still somewhat expensive but it was still a consideration for me to proceed with it.

In light of what has transpired in the last 24 hours I am very pleased to announce that I will definitely NOT be purchasing this subscription. Thank you Scopely for proving to me that you are incapable of nothing more than displaying an extraordinary amount of cluelessness, greed and self interest. By all means roll back on Andrea but why did you not roll back on people getting masses amount of trainers in the turkey roadmap? What about all the other royal farkups you dish out on a weekly basis? If it affects your bottom line you roll back otherwise you just give us the finger and laugh. Well guess what here is my finger .!.

Shame on you!!!



You’ve made a spelling error - “get bored soon wiuth no new toons and quit it altogether” and it should be “get bored soon wiuth no new toons and start s.p.ending again”


They should have just made Andrea free to level up for all. If the rest of the subscription was anywhere near half decent then they wouldn’t have anything to worry about? Goes to show what they think of the rest of the subscription benefits too! LOL!

S.p.ending is blocked :joy: im dead!

Is the trial still on after cancelling for the remainder of seven days or is it gone?

Yes, until 28th November.

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The best part now it I totally feel good about not falling for this sh1t

Lol that’s not the only mistakes.

to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree; absolutely; completely.
“it’s quite out of the question”

making little or no noise.
“the car has a quiet, economical engine”

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