New Status Effect: Infection

Hello, Survivors!

Today we are going to discuss a new status effect that has just entered the game on Mr Jones! Let’s do a quick rundown of what the ability does so you can properly play around it!



After a specified amount of turns, the afflicted character is automatically killed unless healed for a specified total of %HP prior to the duration expiring.

Here’s an example:


The above Rush means that the enemy player needs to heal 200% before 3 turns is up or the enemy dies outright!

Functional Notes:

  • "Heal Over Time effects DO count towards the cumulative healing amount for Infection.
  • Ignores any active buffs / debuffs when killing an affected target. (This is to avoid any “when taking damage” or similar damage-reliant effects from triggering or influencing the
  • Can be recovered from by “recover all penalties” and “recover from Infection” effects.
  • If Heal Reduction is present on the infected character, and a heal were to attempt to heal (e.g. - existing HoT before the Heal Reduction application), then the heal does NOT count towards the Infection percentage (since the character did not receive the heal).
  • Infection damage does not grant AP from the damage.
  • Faction Bosses are immune / 100% resistant to Infection
  • Walker Horde Turrets are immune to Infection
  • Walkers are immune to Infection

Seems OP


I cant wait to see what the bugs are going to be like with this one…



Stop introducing new stuff until you fix all the old broken crap.


The first 6* s-class killer?


2,100 attack stat with 600% damage. Infection seems to be over kill BUT this is what happens when you let your meta get out of control by introducing S Class, especially Pete


Its gonna be OP like maim was and then they’re gonna release infection resist mods in a few weeks and make it pointless

Drain your wallets and repeat with some other status effect


Currently, there are 5 characters that can clean this up, 4 6* and 1 5* with the recover all the penalties efect, so when we can see a recover infection accesible character?


three turns later? don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent effect and should find a use somewhere. But you need to have a very good plan to survive this long, and you will have to do it once per character.


I see this working very well with Laopo’s impair and daze all tbh. Who’s healing/recovering now? If it was on more than 1 character, it’d be game breaking.

Give them two weeks


Sure, but it’ll be super slow, and at that point the hemorrhage from Moira might be faster. Good character, should be useful, but not crazy OP.

Can’t believe people are excited about this skill. He’s hardly worth a spot on a raid team to just kill one toon.

Perhaps he will be useful once a toon like Frost comes out. Or maybe to kill a pete but by then, Pete will have revived two.


He decaps the toon he kills.

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So it’s forcing us to use a toon that heals. If not you’re decapped.

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And what about the other four?

Does this skill get applied on his 1st attack? Say in his 1st 2 attacks he kills his target, will the 3rd attack land and cause it on that toon? Assuming it should but knowing these hack jobs at coding would leave that answer open

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idk think he has much control over it. He isn’t one of the programmers. Judging by his pfp he’s a puppy.

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What is a pfp?

He works for shamplay. He is part of the problem.