New Stash OUTRAGEOUS price

Who ever is crazy enough to keep us updated on how much each offer and pull is please do.

Remember 28 pulls total needed to receive whole stash!

Offer 1-$5 (1 pull)
Offer 2-$20 (1 pull)
Offer 3-$50 (1 pull)
Offer 4-$50 (1 pull)

I will keep you up to date on this.

Im crazy but this is absurd.


Let’s say it keeps its price at 50 after the 3rd pull.

$1325 to just get a couple of pixels.

Edit: Quick maths aren’t my thing.


Jesus christ :face_vomiting: it is the season of giving ffs!


Christmas time, scopely need money for presents.
Stop spending people, go outside and help people or animals who really need money. Not this shit company :face_vomiting:


Source for those?

I would assume, if it is 7 days of offers, the later (and inevitably more expensive) offers will include multiple pulls.

Not saying you’ll get much change from $400 for this, but I’d be surprised if $50 a pull is right

Is this the Christmas event smh it’s more premium garbage :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Scopely: and a happy new year

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The S Class on offer is also… Bleah

Russian hackers will have this stash for sale in a day or two for a fraction of what Scopely is offering.
It would be cool if this tokens are awarded this next war, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

Anyways, tha character isn’t even remotely great. She’s almost a S Class Hina. Guess only collectors and hackers will try to complete the stash. The sweet part is the completion reward, the 3k collectibles. Those are better than the guaranteed character.

and the platinum mods are good either

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Do the coins you get go up as well? Seems if you buy coins at regular price it is 3.99 for 330 coins. So I’d figure you get a free pull from the snowflake stash…

It is.

For giving to scopley

Will it be s class or 6*? I’m kind of skeptical after looking at odds.

Other apps have Xmas calendars for login events. You tap the day and receive rewards.
And they have farmable collection items to get pretty awesome rewards in their version of our museum.

Christmas is the one time of year an event should be ran completely FREE for players to enjoy.

This Scrooge act is getting stale and past boring.



Over or under 1k?

Well it is only 7 days have they gone over 150 for an item? So that could make it 5 20 50 75 100 150 150. Still nowhere close to 1k. But would I be shocked if day 7 was 500 or more no.

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Hear hear!! :raised_hands:

tenor (3)

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But the rewards for top 10 are worth all that cash

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Enough of this bleed crap.

Tbh, if it’s under $1,000 it’s a “good price” for Scopelys standards. You get a lot of stuff in the stash and 3,000 collectibles.

Again, I am talking about Scoeply standards where $1,000 these days doesn’t even guareentee you a regular S class.

Don’t worry. They’ll probably continue those offers up to #27. That one will be well over $1mil, and will end up leaving the player ONE short of getting the already outclassed 6*.