New sr taunt zombie bug?

Well peeps one qiuestion about new zombies . Taunt ones are bugged for sure , resist to crit 10 k health , 9 k dmg . How tf i can beat sr stages anyone can help me with this please …

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Go in with weak team and manually attack all normal walkers, once they are cleared may take a couple of teams, then load up with green toons with stun guns and move on, there’s no easy way that I know


This guy if you are lucky enough to have him I guess. Him and 1 gator would literally stop walkers permanently (unless they ignore camo)

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Yeah now Mike is in the war wheel so we’re lucky if we get him

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The taunt zombie level should only find a place in nightmare SR. It’s too OP to be in tourneys or daily road.

  • Triple 5* Kate with AP on attack weapons for continuous focus
  • Clear out the regular ones, then bleed&lacerate - with a bit of luck, Shiva kills them quickly
  • Full green stun

There’s probably more strategies. Still, the stages with multiple taunt walkers may be the most difficult of all the stages, unless someone finds the silver bullet. I would probably support a nerf, such as having them taunt for 1 turn only - 3 would still taunt over half your team, but at least no longer all of them through gold taunt resists.

Not a silver bullet, but if you’ve made sure that Blue Morgan is fully charged by the end of each wave, he has a decent chance of taking out 2 taunt walkers at the start of a Wave they are on.

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