New SR roadmap?


Is this new roadmap only for beta players? I am in beta but I have the roadmap in my main account.


Oh yea stage 7 is 14 energy :rofl::rofl::rofl: random…


Beta player. Have it in my main region. None of my faction mates do even though some are beta players.


they are maps tests, to see how the rewards and the system work, beta players = guinea pigs


Stage 7 also says all colored enemies but it’s all red enemies…


Beta player here as well. No one on my main in my fac has it but me


Hi everyone! This is being rescheduled and should show up the same for all players shortly. Thank you for your patience!


How soon!?!?!? Lol :slight_smile:


For all players ?? Need an Update then. :smirk:


2 cans by the time you finish at 44 energy cost total. Opponents with all stun, all impair, all ab def & some with shielders. Remember to equip lemon juice & black coffee. Auto run at your own risk.


Was still to easy ad yellow is the only really hard wave especially at the first wave but still easy with gas.


Free cans? Why thank you.

I don’t know if they changed it but it wasn’t hard at all. I used auto for the entire map.


I was able to auto run it. My issue was it was only up for 9 hours.

Events should last 24 hours.

Edit: Had to manually run the last 2 stages. Just brought grenades and nerve gas grenades and it was pretty easy.


I absolutely love the free SR cans from this. Nice job on this one @kalishane


Yeah but remember when we got one for free just by beating bronze. Now we have to waste energy to get them. We also don’t know if this will be a one time or new weekly thing.

Scopes keeping us in the dark 24/7.


Better than nothing ¯\(ツ)


I liked it, 2 free cans + a bunch of tokens, interesting enemies/weapons too which broke up the usual auto farm monotony a little. We’ve been clamoring for a way to get cans ever since SR tourneys became a thing, so hopefully this becomes a regular addition.

Won’t be enough to get a high ranking place for most, but will at least allow those who opt for a night’s sleep to finish and get all the milestones at least.