New sr competition

Since the new update with sr we have a new wheel with next sr road map stage with normal , hard and crazy difficulty . Thats something new cuz all of my fking roadmaps are on crazy stage 6 elite all stats of toons beyond 6 k hp raven , cole etc . Who tf is going to even pass this shit no one without crazy amount of revives will pass that . Without further bs … how tf even new players can try to compete . Im just wondering where i can snitch this company to get their rate below zero and make them do something to get their heads out their asses and get a grip of themselves or even stop milking idiots from purchasing offers . Change my mind cuz i cant even understand this bs thats happening …


It’s possible but this new SR isn’t friendly for the big playerbase. I’ve finished it up probably using 12-15 toons for different teams.


Just wait for nightmare SR lol. This wasn’t that hard. I remember having to sacrifice 2* to do walker stages, and when they die use them to level a toon to make space for new 2* from training grounds. Fun times :joy:


Thats what i do with reflect damage weapons on 1* and 2* toons lol

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Finished with no toons lost. S toons make things much easier.

Indeed but nightmare with the updated sr might be different lol

Last one i was stuck at first stages of legendary. If they keep it same difficulty as before it won’t be super hard. Probably nightmare will give even less rewards smh

I like it, but I understand something needs to change as many wont be able to finish

Personally I think everything should be league based. In the case of SR, Diamond League players get the hardest one. Obviously rewards need to be better for Diamond (eg finishing Gold gives same rewards as finishing Legendary in Platinum).


That makes total sense agreed👍

It’s not the same, I really don’t care about leagues standing but I can can non stop if going vs region peeps

Hey! Making sense is not allowed around here lol

Why the only players sco pay cares about of course. See image for answer.

Not even trying. Not worth it. They want you to spend on dead toons.

For the human stages, run a revive and red beta if u have him for nightmare. Red betas attack down saves teams. Also, maim bleed and burn are ur best friends

In other words, it’s correctly structured for whales?

I completed the Sr event with my toons but for sure wasnt a walk in the park

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