New special stat's for armorys

It would be nice to add more special stat’s to the armory’s just for crit success to mix thing’s up a little more.

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That’ll be sure to come in the form of 5s weapons. Expect them soon. They’ve increased the rate of weapon parts which means they are about to do a relative devaluing by releasing the next OP thing… Lol… Wish I wasn’t serious


they should have tainted weapons. When the person dies they come back as a walker and attack their own team mates. of course it has to be done right or it can be OP


Or add a new one like confuse let’s say for green or mix up what we have like stuns for yellow or absolute blue and so on.

Hope they don’t. Otherwise we’ll get more whining threads about nerfing shit since they won’t accept their losses and rethink their strategy.