New Special Offer(s)

Can someone kindly do us the ultimate favor and post what these offers are? So that we may oggle at your splendor. Thanks.

Think a lot of players who spend now feel bad for it…so it will take a brave one to show the offers/

What type of atrocity is in your profile picture,oh nvm its just axel

Axel is never atrocious. He is just a misunderstood, inbred type of guy.

Damn, only way to satiate one’s curiousity without spending. :c

Who got to offer 5?

Messaged Kappa

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Thank you! My little Axel heart flutters with joy.

Not game to buy this…is there another special after this?

That’s last offer.

No Way after craziness with sub

Damn! So expensive lol.

That’s enough to level up Andrea and reset her

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