New Skill Announcement


The announcement in game crashes when i click it. What is the new skill please?


Here you go.


So it’s like the attack version of indomitable


Looks that way. When I get some time I will try it out in the roadmap.

@CombatMan Gotta love bugs, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What device are you using?


No. Unfortunately the forum isn’t indicating that I’m replying to the OP’s post


Amazon kindle


Yep and it stacks very simular so you could end in crazy number territory
Like abe and Maggie with imdom


Unlike indomitable, it is not turned off by stun


Me too. Honor 7x Android 7. Both Versions Amazon and googleplay have the same game crashing bug. (And please, don’t tell me to reinstall, clear the cache. :wink:)


Hmm. After a bit of testing… he may be beastly!!


Meh. Michonne he is not.


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