New shop and energy refill

can we have energy refill back in offers?

I think that the new system with coin only offers is not convenient: 380 coins with great chance to obtain 2 refills is ridiculous

the same was for assault, territories and SR energy

I think it’s kinda funny

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the war is already ended for me :slight_smile:
no refills and no decent offers

gardening weekend then :man_farmer:t2:

But if you buy a can outright it would be 200 coins so you actually profit 20 coins with a chance at a big payday.

They havent had any refill offers for the last few events raids sr and now war kinda surprised the greedy company hasnt put any out

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that offer is build to give you 6 refills unless you are extremely lucky and get more (but with a 85+90% chance to have only 2 refills)
how long can one fight in war with 6 cans?
how many coins are we supposed to spend during CRW?

refills are not endless… I’m sure that everyone will face the lack of refills soon

I always look at war refills as my retirement. Once I have to buy them again I retire.


So they did away woth refill offers and only have them in the featured section now

yep… coins only
the amount of coins you get with one week in Diamond League for 4 war cans

Wtf yea I know I hate giving this company money for war refills but I’m running out and I’m not wasting my coins for 2 fckin refills

It’s makes absolutely no sense why they stop selling energy refill offers be it SR, Raid or War cans, they are missing out on a chunk of cash.
The bags they offer are rubbish and no value for money, a rip off !
But wait…
Perhaps it does make sense, the league season is coming to an end and WOC is coming, they are being right greedy bazzers and want players to spend even more on those crappy RNG bags :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Honestly them are the only things I buy anymore in game since they are getting scarce and I’m not using 400 coins for 2 war refills and a chance at 4 other items including 2 more war refills they need to take out the hordes refills in league store and put a more useful one or 2 in

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