New shield killer, Morgan

Screenshot_20181024-073945 Screenshot_20181024-073959 He seems to be a F shield killer, with his AR


Not unless they release a red shield.

I don’t think there is any one “shield killer” - people on the forums said Javier was a Magna killer, he wasn’t, they said revive Carl was a Magna killer, he wasn’t… good team building and weapons are what deals with shields, not individual toons.


What makes him a shield killer?


Shield killer ahh maybe but Shesus would take it like a champ.

Weapon specialist is pretty interesting, different version of Rosie.

Does hit like a tank also, not bad. As with most toons, all attack… No def setup.


Yay, another PTP character to beat a PTP tactic used by PTP characters!

You can imagine the enthusiasm from me and my fellow FTP players.


Not on his own, but he gives her defence down and buffs a team mate to 100% and as long as that team mate has a half decent rush, they’ll be the Magna killer. I run Javier with Rick, Romanov and Duane and any of them with that buff/debuff combo smash Magna out the park.

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Oh, a Blue Morgan. Well atleast there isen’t a already existing 5* in the Game… Oh wait… :no_mouth:


Shield Killer? How about a “everything killer”.

Scenario. Morgan rushes, kills an enemy. His rush now gives him a 150% attack buff, his specialist skill gives him another attack and his weapon gives him a 50% chance of gaining 100% AP.

So he rushes with big damage and kills. Then he can rush again, only with such a huge buff (1125% damage - 150% buff on 750%) he kills again and can rush again and kills again and rushes again ad nauseum.

And we all know how RNG works in this game, it will happen…

Scopely: (Power) Creepin’ It Real.

Hi benji,

His Specialist skill can be used only once per turn. but Yes you are right he can be used 3 times in a row with a command toon.

He and another character getting focus for four turns allows them to attack guys hiding behind the shield. So even if yellow Jesus is there, you get eight shots at the others. And with how often he can pop his AR, you can have three and even four attackers hitting the shielded defenders. It can be like having no shield at all under the right circumstances.

Donkey aids

Yeah, hadn’t spotted that.

But still, one command could be four shots, if we assume that the use of command (which provides a character with another turn) allows the skill to be used again.

And as Mr Slayer said, with focus, you just knock off the non-shield characters and leave the shield until last

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Focus for 4 turns to him and +1 after he uses the AR, potentially doing it twice in a turn. Yeah, hes good

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Thats exactly what I mean, in this 4 rounds focus he can probaly rush again.

Can’t wait to pull for this bad boy

Don’t forget to mix in a command in there, too.

Can’t wait to waste coins not getting this bad boy


Why Morgan…

Why couldn’t this be Lilly Woodbury, Nicholas, Tobin, Thompson, Pete, Luke, those ginger twins, tattoo’d girls at Petes settlement…or remember that other group who ended up joining them.
Sailer rough looking guy, asain lass.

Mix it up.

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Don’t forget his weapon had 50%chance to gain 100ap… he will be nerfed more so than michonne