New secretly released Michonne?

So I was farming 23-8 and this beauty popped out. Not sure if anyone has seen her before. I thought there was just the two 3* green ones.


She’s old. Used to been given out back when Telltale’s michonne game came out


Ahh thanks for clearing that up.

Essss immmm ayyych

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After the last update, most characters that were once released as free lmited time gifts have become droppable rewards on the world map, like What We Deserve Michonne, Rare crossbow Dwight and Negan.

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She was part of 1st anniversary there was 2 types of red michonnes and blue Rick

It brings up the characters though for me wasn’t there a time that you could find a 2 * 3 * 1 * whatever * and they were already maxed

Yeah I wasn’t around for the first anniversary event, I started in December 2016 so that makes sense lol.