New season - resetting missions

Hello, I have question to you, I’m still fresh here.
That’s my 3rd season in leagues.
In past season, my missions from 1st season (i mean e.g. “Reach Division 2 in Diamond Leage” or “Reach Platinum League” - not sure for this, it’s different kind of mission) have been reset. So, I was in Platinum and I have claimed all previous rewards which gave me a lot of season tokens to buy charackters. Now it’s Qualifier so mission’s didn’t change yet. In next week will be reglar season.
Will my mission reset?

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No that was a one time thing, once you collect them they disappear

I’m still waiting to collect them for the 1st time. Haven’t been able to collect them since they showed up.

This is a known issue that should be resolved in the update 19.0

“Should be” lol

It was resolved for beta users when they updated to version 19. All these prior missions that should have autocompleted did.

Yes. Just did the update and I collected all those silver and gold mission rewards

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It is definitely resolved.

Yeah its fixed with the update. Got 40k in League tokens.

Good to hear that, so happy to claim Regina soon if I get rewards.

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