New season new rules

I am a new player for a month now. In league I keep on getting first place so I was wondering for season 3 will the pool open up so I can shoot for diamond league, or am I screwed starting so late?

You will have to wait each week for a promotion. Unless it’s a qualifier stretch.

What do you mean, a month? You joined March 17 of last year, don’t consider that new.


Depends where you are on how long it takes.

Some people start over. Sometime’s it’s their choice to start over, sometimes it’s not.

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He said

therefore I surmised he believed himself to be new. Don’t know if he started over, as he mentioned nothing of the sort.

I started in Feb 2016 and against some teams I feel new player too

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me too. just those ERic teams man they are hard even with glorious Alpha and savage Lydia on my

Use all reds vs eric my dude. Not alpha and dookie lydia.

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so Mariboobies and cruel governor ? maybe bring merle rick ?

Something like this i would put in Jeremiah, and hersh and tara but they aren’t tht easily accessible via f2p

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