New season Infos?

So today is Friday and the new season starts in a few Days…
The only info we got is, that scope brings back the ‘‘lost char’’
So @GR.Scopely will there be more changes?


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @LadyGeek

Expect an extra week again

as they were too busy with their S class production schedule. :sweat_smile:
Ill be very surprised if Im wrong, but i hope i am.

Did they say there will be 3 characters?


Probably means an old ascendable like yellow Shiva and hopefully 2 new like they did

I don’t know if there will be 2 league ascendable or even 2 ‘‘old’’ the only thing I know is that I heared that the ‘’ lost ‘’ char is coming back…

But I think and hope it will be a 2. League exclusive char :slight_smile:

I hope the next new character will be an Aiko, I’ve pestered the forums enough for this


Lol , I wouldn’t mind if it’s an S class Aiko
Actually I would love to have her

Aiko :heart: she’s the best. Her and Hinata I still want a 6* JB

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I definitely wouldn’t turn down a 6* JB from Aiko

Damn dyslexia kicked in

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I know the feeling i have dyslexia too.

You’re incorrect. :wink:


Probably be wanderer from that clue.

Ooh good
I must admit i like the sneaky peeks lol

Lost Char?

lol someone fl@gged it, Jesus people its just an opinion! :laughing:

Aiko is a benchwarmer! :rofl:

Nice troll, I don’t fl@g people’s post, however

wait where did yall get that a “lost char” is coming back? All I’m gonna ask from scopely is that the selection of toons are good/usable