New season begin

anyone know exactly whats toons on league store for season 8

Be nothing but crap


Yellow Negan, Red Eugene and 100 S Class Collectibles for 20K season tokens!

You’re welcome.


I dont know if this is sarcasm or real, because it could happen :joy::joy:


thanks :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Yes, I was being very sarcastic but knowing Scopely, it could actually happen :laughing:


Probably more like 35 S class collectables for 50k

Yellow command maggie calling it

im hearing alot of things about an s class marlon and rosie and also maggie and payback negan
idk if its true but

I would love crates that offer gear/trainers.
And crates that offer collectibles.

I would pay 2k-5k for crates of 150 items.

Or even 1k for say 50 items. Could put a cap of 10-20 on them.


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new s class toon and another bide/payback exclusive league toon

wait few more hrs and u will know what are new toons

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