New Scopely In Game Survey On Arenas. Pls fill out + Constructive feedback

In Game link to Scopelys Arena Survey

Please note: This survey is lengthy so please make sure you have 10 to 15 mins to fill out.

@GR.Scopely @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely

Thank you for at last listening to some constructive feedback and making this Survey on a specific subject available for ALL customers to be able to have their feedback heard (I hope). This is a positive step, and I hope in the future that we get more of these.

To give some more constructive feedback on this, I’ve complied the following:

1. INCENTIVISED SURVEYS - Most companies provide, for the customers time an effort an incentive or reward for filling out surveys as the information gained can be invaluable to improving a product.

Customers should be provided with a relevant and useful reward for filling out surveys as this is natural commerce and will also invite more customers to want to do the survey

2. ADVISING ON LENGHT OF SURVEYS PRIOR TO FILLING OUT The lenght of surveys should be advised prior to a customer filling out a survey. This is so the customer can set time aside to really fill out the survey and give their true opinion and feedback on a product. This is a standard that is done in all surveys as again, you the Company is asking the Customer to provide information and feedback. This would also minimise on incomplete surveys

3. TRULY SPECIFIC SUBJECT SURVEYS I noticed with this survey that it wasn’t truly about Arenas, customers also had to and I felt deceived into asking further more questions. A truly subject specific survey should just be about the subject. The customer, as this is a free option to do, should be given a choice as to whether they want to continue answering now, more general questions about Scopely, or just want to filfull the Arena portion. Also, to ensure that data isn’t abandoned, would be an idea to allow customers once one section is completed, if they wish to continue with X portion of the survey and maybe include an added incentive and definately include how long this section will take.


  • FORUM/SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT - It would be an amazing idea for the CMs to engage customers via different social media’s and forums about the survey, maybe creating miniature polls to get feedback and creating specific topic titles relating to the subject. Also engaging customers during the thread or other engagement, acknowledging and advising customers that it’s advising great idea and definately will be past to the lead team (or whatever they are called) so customers know that their feedback is not just another forum reply, but is actually going somewhere and most importantly HAS BEEN LISTENED TO AND HEARD. Engaging customers in this simple way will improve communication as there is a constant 2 way line of communication. Also customers may feel more able to give out additional information that if there wasn’t an increase engagement, wouldn’t come to light because they wouldn’t have bothered due to Scopelys lack of engagement, e.g. a fundamental but efficient fix to an existing issue that Scopely was not aware of.

  • RELAYING INFORMATION Time frames should be given for completing information so customers understand and know ok, this survey is available for x amount of time and the results will be compiled and given with in X time frame. This analysis of data should be done ideally by a 3rd independent party (due to the current trust issues between Scopely and Customer Base) as this would avoid and dispute of results etc. The results of the Survey should be highly visible, in game on social media and forum. From that, Scopely should advise what excatly they are going to do from these results so customers know, have time frames etc and these should be honoured within said time frame. Don’t leave customers in the dark, We need to know that through our engagement, what is going to come from it and when.

In addition, again two way communication should be maintained but also when giving the results give numbers, actually data, so customers know how many other customers actually used this form of data collection. If low this will show other customers that maybe next time they should fill out a survey, if high, it shows other customers that alot of other customers care and want to maintain the future of this product.

This level of transparency is needed especially in the current climate of justified mistrust from customers, but also shows that Scopely are now going over and above to ensure customers understand that their opinions are worth something, are heard and will be actioned upon

5. VISIBILITY OF SURVEYS FOR ALL - When a survey is released or happens to pop up, it feels like a one time deal that a customer has to fill out there and then as you don’t know when it will pop up again. With this, Scopely should ensure the visibility of the surveys, make sure that customers have access to them in game, via the new blog or support area, on social media’s and forums etc. Alot of customers may want to provide feedback, but later on when they have the time to do so. Making sure that their are links etc that are visible to customer and where customers know where to go to to get them e.g. send in game msg advising there is X survey up and can be accessed via X, Y, Z. In additonal actually naming the surveys e.g. Arena Survey Round one or Cycle 1, with a time frame of completion that counts down would be amazing. This function would advise customers that in this cycle surveys they have X amount of time to provide their feedback, there could actually on the new blog or support be a survey specifc section where Scopely could advise customers that out feedback is important etc and that there is a selection of surveys for customers to fill (with incentives as mentioned before) for customers to fill out. And that this is on going (via the cycles) it’s not a one time thing, that this is a continuous thing as products can always be bettered, but also because the customers feedback is valued and is always evolving as products and customers change.

Doing the cycles also means that Scopely can compare and contrast over time data, see if there are correlation, if in cycle 2 an opinion has changed since cycle 1 etc. It’s invaluable.

6. ADDING SCOPLEY’S PC APPLICATION OPTION - PC firstly in my opinion, function should change. They should not be there to communicate customers feedback to Scopely. THIS IS SCOPELY’S RESPONSIBILITY.

However, through surveys and maybe from analysing the data from surveys, Scopely can identify customers who fill them out regular (providing quantative data) and those who provide quality information (Qualitive information) from that you may wish to invite them to answer further questions about Scopely’s products from time to time, like a focus group if you will, and because of the existing data that Scopely has, you can sure that their is a broad representation of customers e.g. new to product, f2p, casual, regular, whale spenders, veterans, mid length players etc. These customers shouldn’t be tasked with the responsibility of providing other customer feedback and feeding back information to customers in any form. This would be Unethical and shows that Scopely doesn’t care if they are getting other customers to do their job. The selected customers should be asked for their specific opinions on areas of the game that is more focused maybe, these customers should be change so your not always asking the same questions to the same customers as this would produce an elite and unbalance and favoured group of customers and may corrupt the raw data trying to be achieved for obvious reasons.

I really hope this information is taken on board, there is alot more but again, I’m not getting paid for this, but I’ve seen Scopely try to do something that I think is right, so wanted to share some thoughts to make it even better, useful, affective and efficient to really effect passive change to the product and to the customer which is most important.

I also want to ensure that customers really do fill out this survey so you get the feedback you need to improve the game through customer feedback and start learning how to engage and respect the customer, because they don’t also pay for the product, but can help improve your product, making it more appealing to new potential customers.

When engaging customers or providing customer services etc, falseibility (if that’s a word) should be used, keep improving your product and customer experience to the point that customers can say something negative e.g.

Customer X “the company doesn’t listen to us”,

Company: "We have proactively and engaging CMs, trained customer support, on going customer surveys etc etc, and from that and listening to customers for example we have changed a, b and c. But if x customer feels there is something additional that we could improve upon then please let us know.

We are always wanting to improve…"

Customer X then cant really say anything can they.


I filled it out and said there needs to be more acendance medals offered for players.


Filled it out and stated that the scoring system is shit and so are the rewards.

Draft only brings up the same toons to use. Not sure if anyone else has that problem.


I asked if i can be put into the bucket where these dont popup anymore


I said the same thing about draft. Keep getting the same toons. I also said that draft needs to do something about weapons. You can’t select weapons yet the team you are facing has upgraded weapons. Not much of a fair fight in my opinion.


From what I’ve noticed on draft who u pick determines who you get next. Remember the SETUPS. I could be wrong but not so far.

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Should count lead skill too

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I filled it out

I completed it. As usual.

Answered Very Dissatisfied to everything. As usual.

Nothing will change. As usual.

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Imagine having a newer account like mine which is 118 days old. I grind hard everyday and very quickly got to diamond 5 in leagues.
The way they have arenas set up I am a fly weight fighting super heavy weights and getting my ass handed to me. Now I don’t score enough points to maintain diamond v no matter how hard I grind in other areas of the game. It’s pretty discouraging. I reduce my effort to 50% of what it was prior to arenas. I can just imagine how discouraging it is for many other new players. Arenas should have no effect on league scores. Newer players get the shaft real hard when it comes to arenas and the way they’re set up.

Would that not be the point?
What I mean is you say you worked hard, got to diamond.
118 days is super fast. Maybe you fell into the bucket scheme trap. Could be it was by design, now you have a choice spend more to keep up or as you say you have done do less.
It’s crazy to me you say you are already in diamond, think about the majority of life of game players who barely get Platinum 5, who spends hours a day playing.

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Didn’t fill out. Doesn’t matter. Scopely will be Scopely.


So as a customer what feedback would you give Scopely to entice you back and I don’t mean just saying compensation but there is an issue, how would you suggest that Scopely solve it?

I am almost exclusively free to play I do pay for survivors club. I did buy coins once when in the events milestones you were able to choose a 6* shield with a 40 pull. My point is the way arenas are designed based on who your competition is makes it impossible for new players to excel or even come close to competing in the event. Because we can’t compete in arenas we are handicapped severely in leagues.

Years ago before I found this game I played Galaxy of heroes. The arenas in that game was all server-based you played against players that joined the game same time you did because you were on the same server. Marvel strike Force works the same way. Such a simple simple concept that Scopley managed to screw up.

I don’t see the point in filling them out cause they don’t listen anyway

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They won’t. They have proven that. Sorry, but Scopely had a good game I enjoyed, they didn’t listen, they had no transparency, and they turned the game into a milking machine.

I remember back right after the pu started it was a crw weekend and it wasn’t working right for everyone some could war and some couldnt for hours so they pit a poll up on the forums and the majority of players voted to restart the war but guess what they never did and ive filled out these surveys before about hordes and I think there was one more but they don’t listen they just put them surveys up to make it seem like they care when they dont

I filled it out but since no compensation for my time I tapped random answers.
And most was somewhat dissatisfied

Waste of time. They have already so many avenues of feedback and those are ignored so why would this be any different?

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