New S Class Kenny

Just out of curiosity how many banners will we need? Has anyone done the math? And assuming the time limit and going off the current tournaments milestones, will he be obtainable for people who are not spending?

you only need 3500 banners for kenny, the rest of them are just for extra rewards. as long as you do most of the milestones in upcoming events he should be doable, as you end up with around 2400 from login and weekly missions by the end of it, probably with a few extra pulls and sets of cards depending on how many milestones you actually do


You neeed 500 cakes at least that’s what it shows in the black market. Or did I get something wrong and you can exchange banners for cakes?

Check the missions tab in the events icon (that booklet icon)

If you make up to the 120 cakes rewards you got him…

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3500 is very possible almost at 1000 within 2 days


Or you can spend and get him right away like I have seen the night he came out in my region

Seen a couple with Kenny already. How much would that of cost?

He’s not rly that good, u want a toon that heal aswell not only revives bc of all the traders his revive would have no use bc he doesn’t heal, so I suggest u to pick cards if u need, many of the toons they released appeared to be good at first turned up to be very bad, like Erin and the likes

Depends how lucky you are. Some say it was $40 and got a lot of cakes from the RNG box.

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Am more interested in the focus and attack buff.


Also nice turn 1 active skill

You won’t need to worry about healing and trader if everything blows up. Which with priya, rampage, and some tp, Kenny will fit very nicely.

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