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So I was playing Zelda BOTW and enjoying the cooking recipe process wherein you can get very different and unique outcomes tailored to your preferences and needs and it dawned on me that Scopely could implement something similar that players would enjoy, it would add a new flavorful dimension to the game, and Scopely could squeeze us for a new kind of collectible - everybody wins.

Here’s the pitch. Scopely picks a toon that has multiple 6* variations. I would vote for everybody’s favorite toon - Shiva. The process would be that you could mix and match any fully leveled 6* Shiva to get an S Class with a mix of traits. Then you include into the equation something like 6,000 Shiva Snacks or whatever. For instance, you could go lacerator Shiva and regular Shiva together and get a confuse, bleed AR. Put two white Shivas together and get a whole team bleed with a lead skill. Then they would be free to pump out another new 6* Shiva that would carry with it the extra value of being usable in an S Class concoction, thus making it more valuable to us and to Scopely as far as sales are concerned.

Obviously down the road, more iconic characters like Rick, Michonne, Negan that we have different versions of could be added to this formula and that would really give us some creative options when combined with 5* weapons.

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  • Terrible idea!
  • Meh

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Well I got some votes at least. Here I was thinking that I’d just stumbled across a game changing idea. :bulb:


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