New S-Class Event, A Customer's Overview 6th September update

PLEASE SEE UPDATE TO THREAD ALSO New S-Class Event, A Customer's Overview 6th September update

So Scopely have announced on the forum that there is a new S class event on offer from the 6th of September.

This initially looks like a positive step and as many people will say, it’s better than nothing and more then they were expecting. This outlook is a shame to have and shows how little we should expect from Scopely but it is what it is.


Announcement Visibility - There should at least every be an in game msg, Announcement like when Scopely is promoting a new toon and info in the support section. I hope the new leaked in game blog will ensure announcements like this are shared cross platform in the future, but alot of the customer base at the moment don’t know of this new event. An event that for some may mean customers hang around abit longer, hence increase retention

Quality of S-Class toons - Below are Screen shots of just a couple of the S-Class toons on offer compared against the announced “free” toons.

The base stats, are significantly different I. E. Hp/atk/def.

In total:
Pete = 12,199 (hp+def+atk)
Priya = 12,454
Lapopa = 12,100 (apologise for spelling mistake)
Christa = 10,788
James = 10,788

Average hp+def+atk for all 4 S- Class toons 11,665. Scopleys short change on “free” S-Class toons on avg, 877.

Scopely, please don’t short change your customers, if your going to make an event and offer S- Class toons, then please ensure that their base stats are reflective of the same standard of current S-Class toons. At least let them be of the same Aug.

Quality of Specialist Skills - This is a subjective matter as specialist skills relevance is kind of subjective to the customer, however Collateral Damage 2 and Waste Not are the most helpful skill to have and not sure, as S- Class is an elevation of Toons + next gen, why 2 S- Class toons would have a 5* Specialist Skill attached to them. Again the customer is being short-changed on the quality of S-Class toons that customers really should be offered in an event.

Lenght of time to Lvl up/ Usefulness in the Future - It’s going to take up to 2 to 3 months for customers to tier fully these S-Class toons.

In the past when a new wave of toons where released like 6s and free toon was provided for customer with no strings attached (6 Yellow Guardian sheild Zeke). What rational has changed between then and now, not to offer this now? Yes the toons are initially 3, but can’t be used to full effect for 2 to 3 months. In that time the meta would have changed, multiple S-Class toons areas 2nd gen toons would have been released rending the already below average S-Class toons on offer (as proven by stats as above) useless.

In essence, Scopely has tried to gesture customers with an ineffective product, that although may be better than some, but the time you use it to full effect, will ultimately be outdated.

Nice try Scopely, but no cigar.

PU- What is is about? Check link:

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Maybe the stats of Christa and James don’t include veteran rings?


I think that’s gonna be wishful thinking, but I do hope ur right

Waste not… ironically is a total waste


Didn’t even notice specialist skill but I was thinking reading thru her rush, dis bisshh prob gonna have waste not :man_facepalming: Time to nuke 10500 coins for 300 keys from vault and ride off into the sunset

Stat difference could be vet rings

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Again, I doubt it, but here is hoping

Hi all,

I just got clarification on this, the stats in the post this is related to do not include Veteran Ring upgrades.



will add barely anything

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I think it really depends what’s going on in the periphery of this event as well. This can’t be the ONLY thing going on the for the majority in terms of S-Class. It depends where Scopely wants to take S-Class, at the moment they look like S-Stars than rarely spotted S-Class toons as initially described.

All the other collections for the other 3, (and hopefully this number isn’t ridiculously rocketed up by 88 days either, maximum 6 imo, even if they’re becoming the new norm), should keep being given out in roadmaps, MILESTONES, and raid drops / war crates. So everyone has a chance to keep up with this changing meta. 1 toon won’t get you very far. They have to keep this aspect going too. Otherwise we’re going to get a repeat of the Carl/Mira days were everyone has replicas of each other’s teams.

3 months is being called too long, again it depends on the release rate of S-Class. It could be good if it gives the correct time for baselines rosters to catch up from the Gen1/Gen2 doorway they’re in now to the high-end 6*-slowly becoming S rosters.

For F2P I’d say this is a great event, for the middle spenders who aren’t S-Spenders but do see these toons on the regular, these probably should have been better and that goes back to the need to keep collectables coming.

In itself the event is good. But time will tell. Hopefully Scopely don’t rush S-Class out, invaliding the 3 month phase period that this could be. There will need to be other events surrounding this regardless to help everyone build up past 2019’s arms race period, and ensuring that when S-Class go widespread, everyone has a bunch of them to use (a la 6* introduction), and not a mountain side balance like it is now


Thanks for the update

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I have to agree with another poster on the announcement thread.
This IS better communication, we’re being told about it before the event begins, and given all the requisite details (very much unlike transfers where we we’re left to guess). I am sure as usual there will be an announcement in game, probably in the form of a message pushed to our inboxes, a news feature, and perhaps even a timed blog announcement. So for this I give scopely a big thumbs up.

Last week when they announced Laopo and the player council feedback, they mentioned concerns on
A) the power gap; and that
B) acquisition is too slow

Given that announcement, and that everyone (yay!) is getting a new S Class toon for free that’ll take 2-3 months to max, I’m assuming that release of new premiere S Class will no longer occur on a two week release schedule. You also mentioned other options for earning the requisite gear, and if thats the case I hope it’ll be available to all to shorten that rather long 3 month stretch, and also be on par with your premiere S class cadence.

Well done scopes, but we’re still watching, please don’t disappoint us :blush:.



3 months means there will be another 6 sclasses released. Scopley has released one every 2 weeks now. There are 3 out and one coming again real soon so actually there will be 10 sclass by time f2p and casual spenders have obtained 1 t4 sclass lol


Also communication on how moving forward f2p and casuals will be able to obtain another 1 would of gone a lot better … So as it stands f2p will get 1 per every 6 p2p released and in a 12 month cycle it will be 4 toons for f2p :laughing::joy:

So what would they be with vet ring included so customer have a more transparent view of what really is on offer and what of the other points as well @TayTron.

And thank you for adding a response @TayTron. Seriously getting a response on anything from an Scopely employee is like gold dust


My new favourite feature of the forum.

(Sorry Wandering hour)

Nice to see Taytron is also a fan


Carl/Mira were leaders kill toons that were on par with the current meta of that time. James and Christa are 1stly below par of the current S-Class meta via stats alone, don’t have leader skills and are more of a representation of the free toon 6* zeke when 6*s first came out, but he in fact was better because his stats were relevant to the meta of that time.


The quality of Carl/Mira isn’t what I was calling into question, the repetition which turned a lot of people off the initial 6* era is what I’m highlighting. There’s going to be a lot of Christa and James’ in 3 months. There needs to be another varying factor in there that is built up over the next 3 months


Didn’t that announcement say that they would be re-evaluating their release plan though?

And we were encouraged to wait and see by PC… that if in two weeks if another SClass is released it would all look false…

So I’ll stay cautiously optimistic, and hope Scopely hears all of us here, as well as PC, and stick to their promises.