New S-Class Dungeons will let you choose the item

"Hey guys,

we changed from specialised roadmaps to one roadmap that will let you choose which s-class item you would like to have, so you do not have to wait for your specific roadmap to appear!"

Keeping people informed can be so easy, you just have to f’n do it…


Simple it’s not IMG_2780


It’s pretty self explanatory once you see what the reward box gives. It isn’t like it’s a new mechanic that you can’t figure out until you do testing.

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166 torches to run this map!:roll_eyes:
Way to many torches required!
I’ll save my torches for a while and see if something better comes along.


And they also didn’t tell us that the stage enemies have swapped round, for the most part. And, unlike the old roadmap, you now no longer get keys etc. on each stage, so if you don’t have enough torches to finish Act II there’s no point in starting it. Guess we were all getting too close to Pete and they had to slow down our accumulation of keys. Nice trick there Scopely, under the guise of letting us choose our reward.

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You also get a top gear choice box which it doesn’t show :man_shrugging:t3:

Lame change imo

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I don’t see that as compensation for making the blue keys more difficult to get.

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So they have made it harder to get collection items, only 1 roadmap now compared to 2/3 at a time before

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