New S-class Dai Yu

She is a beauty! Her name means black jade and is pronounced like day ah you, she will be amazing behind Raulito, which is why scopely skipped his items and went to Heng Yen. Lacerator with crosshairs, give her healing stun with 100% more damage when an enemy is stunned or give her that new bleed buff and she will bleed teams out, pair her with Heng Yen behind a melee lead and that will be an insane combo, can add in Moira also. Still waiting for the bleed/hemorrhage/crosshairs cure/block toon that will surely drop prob before WOC to destroy the bleed meta, so enjoy her while ya can whales lol :whale: :milk_glass:

Any info on these spiders would be nice and any info on the evil chucky doll (dolls are evil af) @GR.Scopely

Looks like we might be able to at least get her 5* from the museum but dont hold your breath, hold onto those spider crates tho.

What do you all think of Dai Yu? Will you be going for her?


After get priya, i’m going after her, she will be paired pretty good with my Laopo S, then going for raulito I think


Yea cause she doesnt do damage you can tank her with def and hp and put her behind Lao Po also, would be a nice killer to have on a Lao Po team.

yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking

What spider crates?

The spider crates that maybe should had been an Halloween event but this is scopely where we get banana splits for Thanksgiving, check the museum bruh

Oh so we gotta get banana splits? I never paid attention to this shit since I lost faith in scopes.

Yea, and leafs but scopely smoking up all the green leaf, that is why we got banana splits cause they have the munchies

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