New S-Class and other leaked toons


I like the james toons weapon, it should be like my stop sign tho, when attacking or being attacked, a great chance to make the player close their wallet till the game is fixed and gap is closed


They should end the game, great chance, 5 star weapons here we go lads

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It’s going to be your own subliminal message everytime someone sees it lol


Savage stop sign:
30% attack to anyone who spends
A huge bonus to ap when attacking anyone who spends
100% chance to stop credit cards from working to spend on RTS


Lance is the only one who looks like a survivor and not like a psycho you would see in dead rising

The only thing that actually caught my attention is the great chance on the tech 9 weapons, hooray for those being on the horizon /s

Roadie is clearly going to be a firestarter or maybe if we’re lucky parting shot. also i wanted to make a weapon like she had thanks for probing my mind Scopley once again. I guess that hive mind thing is real.

James looks silly. His AR better be called Stopping them in their tracks or something cheesy like that

the bottom dude is hot af

the Raulito looks like he’s from a drug cartel

and frost is okay everyone is going to confuse him for hunter at first

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His sign is used to stop S class people. even tho his defense is low for these days. They ripped off that time Slasha used a sign to safe Maga Maggie

Anddd we already have new S-class toons coming :roll_eyes:

Roadie’s weapon tho :flushed: that 3k burn damage over 3 turns isn’t nice to deal with. Cmon scopely stop this nonsense like why do we even bother

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does roadie have s class? that would really make her attractive to acquire. otherwise scopely might not earn much since it seems meta is shifting and it discourages pulling non-s class.

scopely can easily check this by comparing the revenues form elena and laopo.

“Hi were Scopely and we know the majority HATE the introduction of S-Class so we’re gonna release tonnes in quick succession. #PU

Why the fuck raulito look like a goddamn drug cartel leader or boss

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