New RTS token wheel

4 pulls and nothing but 4*s , 28 days but the victory tokens are better and it’s less than 2 weeks left , scopely has screwed up big time

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Aren’t Scopely tired yet?

I did 3 pulls, best thing was yellow Gregory…

I usually have luck with these!..

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Im good haha im not falling for those wheels with 4 star trash and 5 star non ascendales. Sure thiers Bruce and shiva but thats about it and 3% chance for an ascendable, prob wont be those 2 toons anyway. Guess i dont have a gambling addiction.

I did 10 pulls and got 2 alphas a dev and Lucas so I’m happy i always have bad luck so I’m taking it lol it’s really not that bad to try it’s really cheap so why not i just got 4 6 stars for 12 dollars


You got an awesome pull… Let me say this again… YOU got an awesome pull… Price has nothing to do with it, dont care if it was 1 cent, i dont like to gamble but this is just me, I’ll repeat this is just ME. Anyways nice pulls, that blue alpha hits hard af!

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Fac mate got bruce OwO

i hope they put token crate for coins in shop…

Bunch of junk for me from 12 pulls. I have never gotten an ascendable from any wheel other than the Anniversary Wheel when it was gauranteed (Even then they were no 6-stars)
This will be the last I spend on the game as it is just throwing money down the toilet with the luck I have.




Based on the odds, less than 1 in 10 people will get an ascendable from 4 pulls, even if you do a bunch more, 12 pulls for example, you will still only have a 30% chance of getting something good.
You might as well save your money until another double odds wheel comes up and you’ll have a similar chance with better toons.

So lucky i wanted Carl i got Lucas 2 alphas and dev which I’m happy with but really wanted him it shiva :frowning:

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Thanksss :kissing_heart:

That’s what one would think. But knowing Scopely, it’s better to give the people nothing and charge again next time. :thinking:


Roadie is a Duplicat and Morgan’s not the best, but he’s new for me and looks cool. It’s a good start


Morgan is a great anti ranged lead

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I could Imagine :thinking::slight_smile:


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7 pulls…all 4 stars. not surprised