New RTS Community Manager 🧟

Dear RTS Community,

As I hinted earlier this week, I would like to formally announce and introduce you to our new Community Manager, a.k.a. @GR.Scopely.

GR has recently joined the team to help us better apprehend and capture community feedback. He will assist in our efforts as we continue to strive for better player communications around all aspects of the game such as: new game updates and changelogs, new game events, new characters, roadmaps, the known issues dashboard… along with many future community driven projects we’d like to rollout this year!

You’ll hear back from us both on this front.

Who’s that GRRRRR guy anyway?

The team and I are thrilled to count him within our ranks.

Indeed, we both share a few similarities: first and foremost, he’s another French citizen for the squad (that is a way for me to ask for your forgiveness when our English prose isn’t the sharpest :nerd_face: )

GR is a gaming industry veteran, and has worked across many studios and games. He has a real passion for all things RPG related.

It is then natural that he didn’t wait to join us to kick off his journey on the road to survival.

He’s currently level 57, and already reached the Platinum League, and he is about to complete the World Map :open_mouth:

He has a passion for his main and beloved character, Tough Yumiko, and I’ve witness his excitement earlier this week when pulling Pamela (:star_struck:)

Since the hint about his arrival, I’ve seen some players wondering if I’ll be moving on, or just making coffees and posting stickers on some obscure elitist platforms, and I’m happy to reiterate that we will both be working hand in hand on the game, with each one of us tackling various projects and new challenges down the road, as we strive to best assist and serve the community and players’ needs.

Please join me in welcoming GR in the RTS family. May the odds ever be in his favour!


Is he getting coins at least?


So he’s a job hopper?


Welcome baguette boy 2.0


welcome @GR.Scopely!

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@GR.Scopely come to Effingham!

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No he’s just an old fella :laughing:


Welcome @GR.Scopely!

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Welcome aboard Grrrrrrrr.




Welcome GR

@JB.Scopely what will be the differences between your role and GR’s (if any)?

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Best of luck


Welcome GR

Welcome GR! :slight_smile: Hopefully you can help scopely reconnect with users, ideas that help both out. Top suggestions on my mind now are: season diamond weapons, daily login rewards, and just a few more small gestures/steps forward rather than steps backwards.


I could honestly care less… its the 7th community manager during my time here and none of them has done anything constructive, especially when shit storms started


Kalishane, JB, GR?

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Johnny the Pancake Foxtrot, Alex and there were some two girls before that but cant remember their names now

Ashton was one of them