New Romanov (I know I’m late)


Can someone explain to me how this was a good idea? He’s set up for failure before even being released. I understand taunting to activate berserk, but if you’re fast and taunting with 1177 defense you aren’t going to last through the first turn to profit from berserk.

Also he should’ve gotten a 1000 degree knife for the memes…


Yeah… 2000 defense was more interesting. On offense with Carl lead, hell tank more than enough. Don’t plan any use on defense.


Yeah but a Carl lead an attack doesn’t really work well


Works just fine. Slow and steady. If I was F2P would likely be my work horse cause stun attack works against any trait.


Come on don’t be mad, can’t you see the bright side of this ,actually I was afraid if they keep that 2000 def,
Now if you have Vincent or Yellow Michone as a leader Ramanov will rush faster than it will be with 2000def points
That’s how I see it, maybe some people will disagree with me


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I don’t understand his purpose. The only “good” thing about him is his weapon.


Not strictly true, it works just fine if you’re happy having 5 minute battles.

Personally, I prefer a 40% attack lead and SR Zeke ensuring the battle lasts only a handful of turns.

And in the spirit of keeping things on topic, clearly the taunt weapon is designed to beef his attack so that he does mad damage when he rushes. If he’s taunted one or two, his rush should be insta kill to two enemies, especially with a weapon that you could get 40% attack and Huge AP with.


All in all, he’s a very consistent character for offense. Better suited against ranged teams.
The taunt on his active skill and weapon work in synergy with his specialist skill.

On defence there isn’t too much you can do with him. Perhaps switching the attack for defence and even then he would still be a liability on your defence.

He is better suited for attack only. But we know there are some people who will pull for him and put him on the defence, because what’s the point of pulling if you don’t get to rub it in everyone’s face… smh


It is slow but it gets people wins. I personally laugh when i see carl attack leads but it does work, all varying levels of what people have available.


carl lead 2 shivas, zek from survival road, you can win raid’s in 1;30 minutes. You just need to kill 1-2 enemy’s and them place it on auto3x


This isn’t really off-topic so I changed to general becuase it’s sort of a “late discussion” :stuck_out_tongue:


So they changed his stats?
Swapped them around?


To my knowledge, no!


Not really changed… when they released the roadmap his museum card was as it is now but for a short time in the roadmap his stats moves round clockwise. 2000 defence 11hundred and something hp an 17 something attack…

It was a quickly rectified cock up…

However with those stats I’d have pulled… as they are. Nah.


Haven’t seen nobody pull for him. Not even on the VK forums or that one Japanese dude that has a YT channel who pulls for all the characters (Soaphy Gaming).

Maybe people are just going to buy the coins offer and be done with it. Maybe do a 10 pull just for the hell of it.

Gonna save my coins for something that really makes a difference. Although I must admit that the design of the 6* is pure badass (like every Romanov to this date).


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