New Roadmap UI - Drops not listed

I’ve noticed looking at the new roadmap setup that I can no longer see the stage drops, is it there and I’m missing it? If it’s not there I would very much appreciate if it was added back somehow.

I posted about this a couple days ago and didn’t receive a response. Hopefully @kalishane can bring it up

Actually, you guys can check on Replay, after you beat the level, if you hit replay, you can check the drops.


Thanks, I swear I had already checked there with no luck, yet now that you point it out, there it is.

…Sounds like a conversation I have with my wife at least once a week :wink:


it does, I just tested here on my live game.

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@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes

Thanks for the info, that is helpful but also still not ideal, would prefer to know drops prior to running a stage so I don’t waste an ally drop before i know what’s possible to get.

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